73 As far as we can either trace or credit the resemblance of manners and language, Spain, Gaul, and Britain were peopled by the same hardy race of savages.

When he became king, his first act was to disband the body-guard of three hundred men, whom Romulus always had kept about his person, who were called Celeres, that is, swift; for Numa would not distrust a loyal people nor reign over a disloyal one.

The trinkets he used to keep in a little box on his dressing-table we children always used to speak of as “treasures.” The word, and some of the trinkets themselves, passed on to the next generation. This answered a very good purpose as forage, and the rice grain was an addition to the soldier’s rations. Cecrops, first legendary King of Athens. “Little countess!” the count’s voice called from behind the door. 26 This is the first fragment of the Cresphontes.–Ed.

He that stands upon a slippery place / Makes nice of no vain hold to stay him up. King John, iii. Guter Rath kommt über Nacht—Good counsel comes over-night. The princess felt this, and as if wishing to show him that she did not even dare expect to interest him, she turned to his father. He felt in his own person the sufferings and death he had witnessed on the battlefield. “It’s like this,” he said thoughtfully, “if there’s a battle soon, yours will win.

All were then more confident of victory than the winning of two battles would have made them. No, it was I who dared not. The Recorder shouted, “Pull that fellow down, pull him down.” Under such circumstances of violence, violence only too common in those days, the jury proceeded to bring in their verdict, which was, “Guilty of Speaking in Gracechurch Street.” “And is that all?” exclaimed the Lord Mayor. I propose, therefore, what comes nearest this of anything that seems practicable: The Army of the Potomac will act from its present base, Lee’s army being the objective point. We discover the hidden veins of copper, silver, and gold, advantageous for our use and beautiful as ornaments.

Palmam qui meruit ferat—Let him bear the palm that deserves it. On the 24th of October, after conceding the command of the army, he wrote to Sir William Hopkins, “To deal freely with you, the great concession I made to-day was merely in order to my escape, of which if I had not hope, I would not have done it.” He had written on the 10th of October to Ormond in Ireland, with which country he had agreed to have no further intercourse, telling him that the treaty would come to nothing, and encouraging him privately to prosecute the scheme for a rising there with all his vigour, and to let his friends know that it was by his command, but not openly, or this would, of course, knock the treaty on the head. A formal notice given to the sovereign of the offending subjects is supposed to amount to a knowledge of the fact, and it is presumed that every sovereign is able to controul and punish his own subjects, unless there be some defect in his authority: and a lapse of time, beyond what is usually taken for the punishment of civil offences in every country, may be construed into wilful neglect. Never, however, did the Norman assemblies exercise independent legislative or executive functions.[15] The holding of land,His National Council as a prerequisite to membership in the National Council, was under William an uncertain factor; the membership continued to include, generally speaking, the same officers, ecclesiastics, and nobles as composed the Witenagemot. I am of a quite contrary humour; I look to myself, and commonly covet with no great ardour what I do desire, and desire little; and I employ and busy myself at the same rate, rarely and temperately.

I pleased myself in thinking that those mutinous billows might probably supply me with a grave. So far, the ancients really got: it does not seem far. Whilst her husband Cleombrotus, in the commotion of her city, had the advantage over Leonidas her father, she, like a good daughter, stuck close to her father in all his misery and exile, in opposition to the conqueror. To play the demagogue for purposes of self-interest is a cardinal sin against the people in a democracy, exactly as to play the courtier for such purposes is a cardinal sin against the people under other forms of government.


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