87 Such was the solid construction of the Roman highways, whose firmness has not entirely yielded to the effort of fifteen centuries.

There was a little knot around Sherman and another around me, and I heard Sherman repeating, in the most animated manner, what he had said to me when we first looked down from Walnut Hills upon the land below on the 18th of May, adding: “Grant is entitled to every bit of the credit for the campaign; I opposed it.

He met the enemy on the 2d of October, about three miles and a half from Saltville, and drove him into his strongly intrenched position around the salt-works, from which he was unable to dislodge him. Many, being determined to rid their soul from the continual alarms of this appetite, have made use of incision and amputation of the rebelling members; others have subdued their force and ardour by the frequent application of cold things, as snow and vinegar. Sir John Berkeley whispered in his ear that his Majesty seemed to have some secret strength that they did not know of, on which Charles seemed to recollect himself, and spoke more softly; but it was too late, for Colonel Rainsborough, who was least inclined for the pacification, rode to the army and made known the king’s obstinacy. Various romances have become associated with traditions in reference to Nitocris. “How know we,” etc.

In the history of his conversion there is not the least intimation of his abdicating the magistracy, or being required to do so. The Bactrians, who dwell in the neighbourhood of the Indians, assert that the griffins watch over the gold, though the Indians themselves deny that they do anything of the kind, as they have no need of the metal; but (say they) the griffins are only apprehensive on account of their young, and these are the objects of their protection. I made as if I ate some kinds of meat, though I did not take any. “What are you staring at, you good-for-nothing?… / Thou aye erectest there / Thy throne of power unappealable; / Thou art the judge beneath whose nod / Man’s brief and frail authority / Is powerless as the wind / That passeth idly by.

You’d look fine,” said a corporal, chaffing a thin little soldier who bent under the weight of his knapsack. They stated truly that many base calumnies and execrable aspersions had been cast upon them by printed pamphlets and otherwise, which they had not suffered to turn them from that brotherly affection which was requisite for the great end in view, and which they trusted would yet be effected, notwithstanding the lamentable refusal of their propositions by the king. As to the last, I can say little about it; ‘tis a passion that, though said to be so mighty and powerful, had never to do with me. Christ says on this subject (Matt. Thus in the case of ancient history, the classical authorities themselves are drawn upon wherever available,—Herodotus for the Persian wars, Thucydides for the Peloponnesian wars, Xenophon for later Greek history, Sallust, Cæsar, Livy, Dionysius, Dion Cassius, Tacitus, Ammianus, and the rest for Roman history; and so on indefinitely.

The Royalist writers state that during the trial the people had cried, “Justice! justice!” whilst others cried, “God save the king!” but that after the king was condemned, the soldiers, as he passed, insulted him in the grossest manner, spitting on him, blowing their tobacco in his face, throwing their pipes at him, and yelling in his ears, “Justice! justice! execution! execution!” But the popular party utterly denied the truth of these assertions; declaring that they were got up to make the case of Charles resemble that of the Saviour, to render his judges odious, and himself a sacred martyr. Was ich nicht loben kann, davon sprech’ ich 30 nicht—I do not speak of what I cannot praise. Previous to their interment, their dead are anointed with honey, and, like the Egyptians, they are fond of funeral lamentations. A thousand Irish girls were sent out. She put me into a basket of shurru (reeds?), and shut up the mouth (?) of it (?) with bitumen; she cast me into the river, which did not overwhelm (?) me.

GENERAL R. Doubtless periods of incalculable length elapsed after the use of such ideograms as this had come into vogue before the next great step was taken, which consisted in using a picture, not merely to represent some idea associated with the object depicted, but to represent a sound. From this time forward the work of mining and pushing our position nearer to the enemy was prosecuted with vigor, and I determined to explode no more mines until we were ready to explode a number at different points and assault immediately after. After this conversation I fully intended to make science my life-work.


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