And what is that but an empty sound, and a rebounding echo? Those things which in this life are dearest unto us, and of most account, they are in themselves but vain, putrid, contemptible.

Joke at your leisure; ye kenna wha may jibe yoursel’. Sc.

By meanes whereof the merchants of England did forbeare to buy wooll and other wares vntil the next parlement insuing, wherein it was granted them to traffike whither they would with their commodities. But when the infantry met them, they abused them as cowards and traitors, and began to push them from their horses and deal them blows, and so Perseus, terrified at the disturbance, forsook the main road, and to avoid detection took off his purple robe and laid it before him, and carried his crown in his hand; and, that he might talk to his friends as he walked, he got off his horse, and led him. Both came under assumed names, as they were among the Confederates who were at that time exempted from the amnesty. The comming also of one of the shirifes of London holpe much to appease them, so that by his persuasion, they returned home to their houses. Later, when Wood was put in command in Santiago, I became the brigade commander.

I could only say, "Thou, O Lord, gave her to me; it pleases Thee to take her back again, for she was Thine." As for my father, his virtue was so generally known, that I must rather be silent, than enter upon the subject. Qui n’a plus qu’un moment à vivre / N’a plus rien à dissimuler—He who has only a moment to live has no more reason to dissemble. Just then the countess came in from the sitting room with a weary and dissatisfied expression. Der Geist, aus dem wir handeln, ist das Höchste—The spirit from which we act is the principal (lit. the highest) matter. He rid the territory of Omphale of the robbers which infested it and performed for her various other services requiring strength and courage.

But this motive, so necessary to be observed, especially in all treaties of peace, as well as in the use of victory, is often confounded with others. Yemen was composed of four kingdoms, of which that of Sheba seems to have been the most ancient and most powerful; the other three are Catabania, Hadramaut, Mahrah or Tafat. Danby, though a Tory, was made President of the Council; but whilst this offended others, who remembered that he had opposed the idea of the throne being vacant, though he had resisted the appointment of a regency, he himself was woefully disappointed in not receiving the White Staff. I have known some whose reputation has for a great while suffered under slander, who have afterwards been restored to the world’s universal approbation by their mere constancy without care or artifice; every one repents, and gives himself the lie for what he has believed and said; and from girls a little suspected they have been afterward advanced to the first rank amongst the ladies of honour. Deliberation, even in things of lightest moment, is very troublesome to me; and I find my mind more put to it to undergo the various tumblings and tossings of doubt and consultation, than to set up its rest and to acquiesce in whatever shall happen after the die is thrown.

The passage is certainly corrupt. Thus the Moslem troops were driven desperate and obliged to withdraw. Inevitability without content is man’s reason in its three forms. He was to make an oration in public, and found himself a little straitened for time to make himself ready at his ease; when Eros, one of his slaves, brought him word that the audience was deferred till the next day, at which he was so ravished with joy that he enfranchised him for the good news.


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