Aphorisms are portable wisdom. W.

The next day Rooke gave orders for cannonading the town.

“Plenty of time,” he repeated. Simplicius makes this note to the Physics of Aristotle (p. The Evening Star had symbolized the goddess of love, who attracted the sexes towards one another, and bound them together by the chain of desire; the Morning Star, on the other hand, was regarded as the cold-blooded and cruel warrior who despised the pleasures of love and rejoiced in warfare: Ishtar thus combined in her person chastity and lasciviousness, kindness and ferocity, and a peaceful and warlike disposition, but this incongruity in her characteristics did not seem to disconcert the devotion of her worshippers. The little barefooted Frenchman in the blue coat went up to the Armenians and, saying something, immediately seized the old man by his legs and the old man at once began pulling off his boots. The privilege was sometimes extended to mesne tenants.[36] One writer[37] points to Ranulf Flambard’s [32]device in 1093, when he took from the men of the fyrd the money which had been given them for the purchase of supplies while on the march.

Next day, the third of March, soon after one o’clock, two hundred and fifty members of the English Club and fifty guests were awaiting the guest of honor and hero of the Austrian campaign, Prince Bagratión, to dinner. Such is the complexion of the following maxim, that every one should prefer the lives of an innumerable and innocent multitude to his own personal and private welfare. Above him there was now nothing but the sky—the lofty sky, not clear yet still immeasurably lofty, with gray clouds gliding slowly across it. Qui porte épée porte paix—He who bears the sword bears peace. Every desire bears its death in its very gratification. W.

No valour can be more extreme in its kind than that of Alexander: but it is of but one kind, nor full enough throughout, nor universal.


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