Before he had begun to learn Greek, Marsilio entered upon the task of studying and elucidating Plato.

Natura ipsa valere, et mentis viribus excitari, et quasi quodam divino spiritu afflari—To be strong by nature, to be urged on by the native powers of the mind, and to be inspired by a divine spirit, as it were.

Si caput dolet omnia, membra languent—If the head aches, all the members of the body become languid. Mesopotamia consists of a great low-lying plain divided by no physical barrier. Let who will ‘verbis indisciplinatis’ talk of fortune, destiny, accident, good and evil hap, and other suchlike phrases, according to his own humour; I for my part propose fancies merely human and merely my own, and that simply as human fancies, and separately considered, not as determined by any decree from heaven, incapable of doubt or dispute; matter of opinion, not matter of faith; things which I discourse of according to my own notions, not as I believe, according to God; after a laical, not clerical, and yet always after a very religious manner, as children prepare their exercises, not to instruct but to be instructed. They had also to learn by heart from Homer and from Hesiod; and all through the day they occupied themselves much with music—one of the principal parts of Greek education and culture.[37] Gymnastic exercises in wrestling, racing, throwing, and so on, were with them also enforced by rule. ‘Tis, says Epicharmus, the understanding that sees and hears, ‘tis the understanding that improves everything, that orders everything, and that acts, rules, and reigns: all other faculties are blind, and deaf, and without soul.

In opposition to the customs of other nations, the Egyptians fix the ropes to their sails on the inside. The trial commenced at nine in the morning, and not till seven in the evening did the jury retire to consider their verdict. It was proposed that King Charles should sail with them on board the fleet, and that they should make a descent on Barcelona. Recite them, recite them!” said he, evidently preparing to laugh. La lingua batte dove la dente duole—The tongue strikes where the tooth aches.

Bûche tortue fait bon feu—A crooked log makes a good fire. He was the head of the religion and of the state; he was the judge and law-giver; and he commanded the army and led it to war. “Well, go on, go on. both the interrupted words, and the short and irregular answers one gets from them sometimes, by bawling and keeping a clutter about them; or the motions which seem to yield some consent to what we would have them do, are no testimony, nevertheless, that they live, an entire life at least. A movement by his left—our right—would obviate this; but all that was done would have to be done with the supplies and ammunition we started with.

Thales, who first inquired into this sort of matter, believed God to be a Spirit that made all things of water; Anaximander, that the gods were always dying and entering into life again; and that there were an infinite number of worlds; Anaximines, that the air was God, that he was procreate and immense, always moving. Voilà pourquoi de ces deux empires, l’un est si odieux, l’autre si doux—A man protects you by what he is worth; a woman by what you are worth. On the contrary it would have more closely united us. That is, when the All falls asunder through strife amongst the elements, fire is thereby united into one, and so is each of the other elements.” The separation of the elements which are comprised within the All, is just as necessarily the union amongst themselves of the parts of each element; that which, on the one hand, is the coming into separation, as independent, is at the same time something united within itself. He took leave of the Duke of Ormond, and called for the Earl of Portland, but before he came his voice quite failed; so he took him by the hand and carried it to his heart with great tenderness.

In the house of Tarchetius, the king of the Albani, a cruel and lawless man, a miracle took place. The 2d corps will move to Chesterfield Ford. I am not guilty of the common error of judging another by myself. Qui brille au second rang s’éclipse au premier—He who shines in the second rank is eclipsed in the first. As weel be oot o’ the world as oot o’ the fashion. Sc.

As conductor of shades, Hermes was always invoked by the dying to grant them a safe and speedy passage across the Styx. Joshua Sylvester—who wrote like King James against tobacco, but in verse, “Tobacco Battered”—translated, amongst other things, “The Divine Weeks and Works” of the French poet Du Bartas. Die Freudigkeit ist die Mutter aller Tugenden—Joyousness is the mother of all virtues. He therefore that willingly and wittingly doth lie, is impious in that he doth receive, and so commit injustice: but he that against his will, in that he disagreeth from the nature of the universe, and in that striving with the nature of the world he doth in his particular, violate the general order of the world. One of the earliest measures of James was the founding of two chartered companies to settle on the coasts of North America.

‘T is said, both of Caesar and Pompey, that amongst their other excellent qualities they were both very good horsemen, and particularly of Caesar, that in his youth, being mounted on the bare back, without saddle or bridle, he could make the horse run, stop, and turn, and perform all its airs, with his hands behind him. It is the cross I have to bear. April, 1871.—Revolution; followed apparently by counter revolution. The Savoyards had about three thousand men killed and wounded. I had expected to leave Sherman at Jackson another day in order to complete his work; but getting the above information I sent him orders to move with all dispatch to Bolton, and to put one division with an ammunition train on the road at once, with directions to its commander to march with all possible speed until he came up to our rear.

On the 4th he captured and destroyed Tuscaloosa. I therefore voted for James Buchanan for President. And it is one very remarkable feature in their marriages, that the same jealousy our wives have to hinder and divert us from the friendship and familiarity of other women, those employ to promote their husbands’ desires, and to procure them many spouses; for being above all things solicitous of their husbands’ honour, ‘tis their chiefest care to seek out, and to bring in the most companions they can, forasmuch as it is a testimony of the husband’s virtue.