Beside the usual body of prelates, there were in attendance elected representatives of the parochial and cathedral clergy.

The compilers of the lists make mention of unsuccessful attempts at rebellion on the part of the Theban vassals, for some time before Apepa II, but this ruler had to meet a decisive revolt under Seqenen-Ra-Taa I, who was haq (prince or regent) over the South.

“But it’s all the same now,” Pierre could not help saying. The committee accepted the offer, which was immediately followed by one from the apprentices. A fleet of one hundred triremes, with one thousand hoplites on board, was sent by the Lacedæmonians under Knêmus to attack Zakynthus, but accomplished nothing beyond devastation of the open parts of the island, and then returned home. “Andrew, don’t!” said Princess Mary. The idea of too great a career of success exciting the anger of the gods is common throughout the whole of ancient literature.

IV., ii. At Chillon we saw the room where Miss Sterling, of the Salvation Army, was imprisoned for talking religion to the children. Now for the objections to the men who advocated the reform.


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