Davis visited Palmetto and Macon and made speeches at each place.

Of all the actions of nature, I am the most impatient of being interrupted in that. I carried some food in my pockets, and a light waterproof coat, which was my sole camp equipment for the next two or three days. He brought home the body of Tatius, and buried it honourably. Suitable garrisons were left at the prominent places throughout the South to insure obedience to the laws that might be enacted for the government of the several States, and to insure security to the lives and property of all classes. Muss ist eine harte Nuss—Must is a hard nut to crack.

It is true that the ethnological types are quite different, and that the two peoples, during the greater part of their existence, did not mingle much with one another. But Sepphoris, situated in the very midst of Galilee, and having many villages about it, and able with ease to have been bold and troublesome to the Romans, if they had so pleased, yet did it resolve to continue faithful to those their masters, and at the same time excluded me out of their city, and prohibited all their citizens from joining with the Jews in the war; and, that they might be out of danger from me, they, by a wile, got leave of me to fortify their city with walls: they also, of their own accord, admitted of a garrison of Roman legions, sent them by Cestlus Gallus, who was then president of Syria, and so had me in contempt, though I was then very powerful, and all were greatly afraid of me; and at the same time that the greatest of our cities, Jerusalem, was besieged, and that temple of ours, which belonged to us all, was in danger of falling under the enemy’s power, they sent no assistance thither, as not willing to have it thought they would bear arms against the Romans. Rathen ist leichter denn helfen—To advise is 20 easier than to help. viii, (de Pace) s.


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