But it is a turbulent crowd, your excellency—I hardly managed to get away from it.

To this may be further added, what is in use among them concerning the sacred Ox, which they call Apis.

He escaped to Harwich in the guise of a Presbyterian minister, and got thence over to Holland. The South, as we all knew, were conscripting every able-bodied man between the ages of eighteen and forty-five; and now they had passed a law for the further conscription of boys from fourteen to eighteen, calling them the junior reserves, and men from forty-five to sixty to be called the senior reserves. He took the field only in the years 749 and 748 against the mountainous country of Namri, in the southeast [and in 754 against Arpad]. Twice, however, was Egypt reconquered by Tirhaqa and by his successor, Tanut-Amen. [528] Xen.

536) as a profligate and extravagant person, is more probably an officer who served under Dionysius in Sicily and Italy, about forty years after the revolt of Rhodes. I have also observed this in him, that of so many souls and so many effects, so many motives and so many counsels as he judges, he never attributes any one to virtue, religion, or conscience, as if all these were utterly extinct in the world: and of all the actions, how brave soever in outward show they appear in themselves, he always refers the cause and motive to some vicious occasion or some prospect of profit. 48.]—remain in their possession. The moment I received the news of Van Dorn’s success I sent the cavalry at the front back to drive him from the country. [359] Xen.

Owing to the wind and tide, not more than twenty of the English sail could engage the enemy. He was defended on one side by a mountain, at the foot of which he raised a mound; but when the two armies engaged, he was put to the rout, and four thousand of his Arabs were killed. But it was in vain that he endeavoured to move the heavy spirit of his superior, the Earl of Manchester, and hence they came more and more to disputes. But what made these conditions so completely unsound was the disproportionate division of the treasure expended. It took away the occasions wherein my vanity used to be exercised.

She had passed the age of four score and ten in a very happy state, both of body and mind; being then laid upon her bed, better dressed than ordinary and leaning upon her elbow, “The gods,” said she, “O Sextus Pompeius, and rather those I leave than those I go to seek, reward thee, for that thou hast not disdained to be both the counsellor of my life and the witness of my death. Colonel Hurry, who had gone over from Essex to the king, now informed Rupert that two Parliamentary regiments were lying at Wycombe, apart from the rest of the army and easy to be cut off.