But the Cynic, at least in the beginning, set up for the guidance of men the principle of freedom and indifference, both in regard to thought and actual life, as against all external individuality, particular ends, needs, and enjoyments; so that culture not only sought after indifference to these and independence within itself, as with the Cyrenaics, but for express privation, and for the limitation of needs to what is necessary and what nature demands.

This letter was brought to Pierre’s house when he was on the field of Borodinó.

We promoted another man on account of finding out accidentally that he had performed a notable feat, which he had forborne even to mention, so that his name never came on the roll of honor. Of this chosen companie attendant vpon the duke of Lancaster, & of this his voiage into Spaine, the said C. As company commander he responded to this, urging that his requisition called for nothing but what he was entitled to, and that it was the duty of the quartermaster to fill it. 56), he was also called Zeno’s fellow-pupil. Thus it came to passe, that within thrée daies he had about him fourtie thousand horssemen, as was estéemed; so that in England had not béene heard of the like armie assembled togither at one time.

To no other modern nation can we point, which in one and the same period has produced three such men as Shakespeare, Milton, and Bacon, amid a host of lesser, but scarcely less precious lights, at the same time that it was working out one of the most stupendous revolutions in human government, and the imperishable principles of it, that the world has seen. The next morning we were at the mouth of the cave at an early hour, provided with guides, candles and rockets. Fruition and possession principally appertain to the imagination; it more fervently and constantly embraces what it is in quest of, than what we hold in our arms. “Besides, you wouldn’t have room to turn round there. But Lee, by accident, beat us to Spottsylvania.

A lady of rank, whom I sometimes visited, took a particular liking to me, because (as she was pleased to say) my person and manners were agreeable. They inhabited the Sea Lands to the south of Mesopotamia at an early date, and have been supposed to come originally from Arabia. The recovery of Castel Novo, which some time before had fallen into the hands of the infidels, being considered a matter of importance both to religion and the state, on the return of spring Khosrow Pasha, the begler-beg of Roumelia, who had remained at Sophia, was sent thither by land. Poets are never young in one sense. And so oft as anything doth happen that might otherwise trouble thee, let this memento presently come to thy mind, that it is that which thou hast already often Seen and known.

Lost, iv. correspondence and affection; but not in matter of opinions.