But the greater the danger the more recklessly the bigotry-blinded monarch rushed upon it.

There is nothing which makes nature die so much, as to find neither support nor consolation.

You’ll see what a man he is! Now don’t think badly of me or of him. Frustra retinacula tendens / Fertur equis auriga, neque audit currus habenas—In vain as he tugs at the reins is the charioteer borne along by the steeds, and the chariot heeds not the curb. At the same time that Diocletian chastised the past crimes of the Egyptians, he provided for their future safety and happiness by many wise regulations, which were confirmed and enforced under the succeeding reigns. Knowing well that he has now no help from Elam to look to, he decides of his own accord to attest his submission to Assyria and sends the required presents. Paterson, S.

This victory of Praxitas and the Lacedæmonians, though it did not yet make them masters of Lechæum,[637] was, nevertheless, of[p. In her statues, Nike somewhat resembles Athene, but may easily be recognized by her large, graceful wings and flowing drapery, which is negligently fastened on the right shoulder, and only partially conceals her lovely form. Hearing that some funereal games were about to be held in Troy in honour of a departed relative of the king, Paris resolved to visit the capital and take part in them himself. xiv, 82; Xen. The Greeks stand between both these extremes in the happy medium; this therefore is the medium of beauty, seeing that it is both natural and spiritual, but yet that the spiritual still remains the governing, determining subject.

But Elagabalus, (I speak of the emperor of that name,) corrupted by his youth, his country, and his fortune, abandoned himself to the grossest pleasures with ungoverned fury, and soon found disgust and satiety in the midst of his enjoyments. These works are valuable because of their admirable style. I was glad of my new liberty, intending never again to enter into an intimacy with anyone, which would give me so much difficulty to break.


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