But though the Articles of the Union had received the sanction of the Commissioners, they had yet to receive that of the Scottish and English Parliaments, and no sooner did the matter come before the Scottish one than a storm broke out in Scotland against the Union, which convulsed the whole country, and threatened to annihilate the measure.

IX. Tarquin now gave up all hopes of recovering his throne by intrigue, and appealed to the Etruscans, who willingly espoused his cause and endeavoured to restore him with a great army.

Clemency, temperance, and moderation, distinguished the amiable character of Constantius, and his fortunate subjects had frequently occasion to compare the virtues of their sovereign with the passions of Maximian, and even with the arts of Diocletian. Cheerfulness is the daughter of employment. Dr. [703] Xen. Natural objects always did and do weaken, 15 deaden, and obliterate imagination in me. Wm. For why may not a goose say thus; “All the parts of the universe I have an interest in; the earth serves me to walk upon; the sun to light me; the stars have their influence upon me; I have such an advantage by the winds and such by the waters; there is nothing that yon heavenly roof looks upon so favourably as me; I am the darling of nature! Is it not man that keeps, lodges, and serves me? ‘Tis for me that he both sows and grinds; if he eats me he does the same by his fellow-men, and so do I the worms that kill and devour him.” As much might be said by a crane, and with greater confidence, upon the account of the liberty of his flight, and the possession of that high and beautiful region.

Though he affected an appearance of friendship, it was not difficult to discover that his thoughts were different from his words, and that he conceived dark designs against us. where can I send him?… Rathen ist leichter denn helfen—To advise is 20 easier than to help. He that loves God aright must not desire that God should love him in return, i.e., love to God, as to man, should be entirely unselfish. In the latter art she herself displayed unrivalled ability and exquisite taste.

suddenly Sónya pushed away the glass she was holding and covered her eyes with her hand. And Thrasonides, a young man of Greece, was so in love with his passion that, having, gained a mistress’s consent, he refused to enjoy her, that he might not by fruition quench and stupefy the unquiet ardour of which he was so proud, and with which he so fed himself. Peiser, F. Thus you find yourself on the brink of an abyss between contempt and hatred. “Oh yes!” said Pierre, rousing himself and rising hurriedly.

Faire mon devoir—To do my duty. XXX. After the victory he left the paid force in the enemy’s country, to ravage and plunder the Carthaginian dominions, and himself proceeded to Syracuse. Its great topic had been the scheme of comprehension, which was warmly advocated by Burnet and the more liberal members, but the High Church was as high and immovable as ever. He, had, indeed, as much need of riches and renown as the least of his clients. Melius, pejus, prosit, obsit, nil vident nisi quod libuerit—Better or worse, for good or for harm, they see nothing but what they please.

DRINKING TO THE HEALTH OF DR. Caisse d’amortissement—Sinking fund. He appears to have taken credit at the Persian court for the treason of entrapping his colleagues into the hands of Tissaphernes. “Now then, let’s see how far it will carry, Captain. He had the sternness and gravity of Cato, but he lacked his great and[226] patriotic principles.

My mother’s only care about me had been all along to have me in the house, which indeed is one material point for a girl.


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