Calasiris, wondering that she did not appear as usual, went up to her chamber to inquire after her; where, knocking loudly at the door, and calling her repeatedly by her name, he at length awakened her.

“But this is very important, from General Dokhtúrov,” said Bolkhovítinov, entering the open door which he had found by feeling in the dark.

At the same time the rigid bigotry of the clergy perpetrated one of the most revolting acts in history. Spanish literature, like our own, takes its root in French and in Italian soil; in the anonymous epics, in the fableaux, as in Dante, Petrarch, and the Cinque Cento poets. It is now requisite that what is viewed as reality should be brought into the Notion; in so doing we see that the moments of division, condensation, and rarefaction are not in any way antagonistic to the Notion. Rome, though deprived of freedom, was distracted by faction. The prince’s tone was so calm and confident that Princess Mary unhesitatingly believed him.

The most curious, or the most credulous, among the Pagans, were often persuaded to enter into a society which asserted an actual claim of miraculous powers. “He’s a creature that wriggles in anywhere!” was the answer. Onulf directed his steps towards Constantinople, where he sullied, by the assassination of a generous benefactor, the fame which he had acquired in arms. Moniti, meliora sequamur—Admonished, let us follow better counsels. Ateukin, come, Rid me of love, and rid me of my grief; Drive thou the tyrant from this tainted breast, Then may I triumph in the height of joy. Go to mine Ida, tell her that I vow To raise her head, and make her honours great: Go to mine Ida, tell her that her hairs Shall be embellishèd with orient pearls, And crowns of sapphires compassing her brows, Shall war with those sweet beauties of her eyes: Go to mine Ida, tell her that my soul Pg 373Shall keep her semblance closèd in my breast; And I, in touching of her milk-white mould, Will think me deified in such a grace. I like no stay: go write, and I will sign: Reward me Jaques; give him store of crowns. And, Sirrah Andrew, scout thou here in court, And bring me tidings, if thou canst perceive The least intent of muttering in my train; For either those that wrong thy lord or thee Shall suffer death. Ateu. How much, O mighty king, Is thy Ateukin bound to honour thee!— Bow thee, Andrew, bend thine sturdy knees; Seest thou not here thine only God on earth? [Exit the King. Jaq.

“They’ve been saying so a long while,” said the count, “and they’ll say so again and again, and that will be the end of it. There was to be no lovers’ farewell. Prince Andrew was somewhat refreshed by having ridden off the dusty highroad along which the troops were moving. “Nonsense, I tell you. O Herz, versuch’ es nur! so leicht ist’s gut zu sein: / Und es zu scheinen ist so eine schwere Pein—O heart, only try! To be good is so easy, and to appear so is such a heavy burden.


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