Ce n’est pas être bien aisé que de rire—Laughing is not always an index of a mind at ease.

Never, since the time of Xerxes, had any army undertaken this march; which now bore an Oriental impress, from the fact that Agesilaus brought with him some camels, taken in the battle of Sardis.[588] Overawing or defeating the various Thracian tribes, he reached Amphipolis on the Strymon where he was met by Derkyllidas, who had come fresh from the battle of Corinth and informed him of the victory.

Being alarmed by hearing that Oruj Beg and his brother had become masters of Algiers, he entered into negotiations with Spain to assist him in removing them from that place. A machine of this kind is shown in Fig. XLI. When the Gauls were encamped on the banks of the Anio, near the city, loaded with masses of plunder, Camillus led out his troops and posted them in a glen from which many valleys branched out, so that the greater part of the force was concealed, and that which was seen appeared to be clinging in terror to the hilly ground. Manche gingen nach Licht und stürzten in tiefere Nacht nur; sicher im Dämmerschein wandelt die Kindheit dahin—Many have gone in quest of light and fallen into deeper darkness; whereas childhood walks on secure in the twilight. If we consider him as giving and receiving on his own account, GOOD FAITH requires that the deposit should be restored to him who gave it.

We are not surprised to hear that such lucrative graces procured for Agesilaus many warm admirers; though the eulogies of Xenophon ought to have been confined to another point in his conduct, now to be mentioned. forgive!… My numerous soldiers have abandoned me, none of my horsemen regarded me when I called to them, they did not hearken to my voice. I have seen a frightful multitude of people of all ranks and robes, of all ages, sexes and conditions, priests, friars, married men, maids and wives, with pikes, halberts and drawn swords, all eager for your instant destruction. The plural ???? u???? indicates (as Weiske and Manso understand it) that the Argeians sometimes put forward the name of one festival, sometimes of another.

Celui est homme de bien qui est homme de 50 biens—He is a good man who is a man of goods. When the eager but misrepeated words had reached their destination in a cry of: “The general to the third company,” the missing officer appeared from behind his company and, though he was a middle-aged man and not in the habit of running, trotted awkwardly stumbling on his toes toward the general. Honor taught him to decline the effeminate insults of Elagabalus. Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam, / Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home; / A charm from the skies seems to hallow us there, / Which, sought through the world, is ne’er met with elsewhere. J. Never desire to appear clever and make a show of your talents before men.

“And you, Jackdaw, go and fetch some wood!” said he to another soldier. Johnson defined patriotism as the last refuge of a scoundrel he was ignorant of the infinite possibilities contained in the word reform. Zwei sind der Wege, auf welchen der Mensch zur Tugend emporstrebt, / Schliesst sich der eine dir zu, thut sich der andre dir auf, / Handelnd erreicht der Glückliche sie, der Leidende duldend; / Wohl ihm, den sein Geschick liebend auf beiden geführt—There are two roads on which man strives to virtue; one closes against thee, the other opens to thee; the favoured man wins his way by acting, the unfortunate by endurance; happy he whom his destiny guides him lovingly on both. Life is God. But no power can properly refuse admitting any one, to whom he has granted leave to come, and on the other hand, his admission implies such a leave to have been given.

He calculated the paupers at that time at a hundred thousand, and reckoned that by employing this number at fourpence a day each would occasion a profitable outlay amongst them of upwards of six hundred thousand pounds, by which means almost the whole of the poor-rates would be saved. But as many other writers tell us that during his administration the people received grants of land abroad, and were indulged with dramatic entertainments, and payments for their services, in consequence of which they fell into bad habits, and became extravagant and licentious, instead of sober hard-working people as they had been before, let us consider the history of this change, viewing it by the light of the facts themselves. In 1875 he was given a professorship and made a member of the Royal Academy at Berlin. 14, 1768), appeared in the Universal Magazine, vol. Gualtier was a man of very infamous life, but he was a more cautious and diplomatic man than Guiscard.

Death is, peradventure, an indifferent thing; peradventure, a thing to be desired. He flattered himself, that an ostentation of splendor and luxury would subdue the imagination of the multitude; that the monarch would be less exposed to the rude license of the people and the soldiers, as his person was secluded from the public view; and that habits of submission would insensibly be productive of sentiments of veneration. The perpetual revolutions of the throne had so perfectly erased every notion of hereditary title, that the family of an unfortunate emperor was incapable of exciting the jealousy of his successors. In reality my position was different. In this pitiable condition he was conveyed to Trachin, where Deianeira, on beholding the terrible suffering of which she was the innocent cause, was overcome with grief and remorse, and hanged herself in despair.

I at once put all the troops at Savannah in motion for Pittsburg landing, knowing that the enemy was fortifying at Corinth and collecting an army there under Johnston. No ceremony that to great one ‘longs, / Not the king’s crown, nor the deputed sword, / The marshal’s truncheon nor the judge’s robe, / Become them with one half so good a grace / As mercy does. Meas.