Early made his reconnoissance with a view of attacking on the following morning, the 12th; but the next morning he found our intrenchments, which were very strong, fully manned.

FERDINAND (1577-1650), elector and archbishop of Cologne, son of William V., duke of Bavaria, was born on the 7th of October 1577.

It’s not the same as before. On leaving Bruinsburg for the front I left my son Frederick, who had joined me a few weeks before, on board one of the gunboats asleep, and hoped to get away without him until after Grand Gulf should fall into our hands; but on waking up he learned that I had gone, and being guided by the sound of the battle raging at Thompson’s Hill—called the Battle of Port Gibson—found his way to where I was. Eugene and Marlborough left the Hague on the 15th of March, and assembled their troops, which quartered on the Meuse, at Tournai. Big-bodied,151 square-jawed, with heavy moustache and closely cropped beard, he looked the determined and aggressive man that he was. Jeder ausserordentliche Mensch hat eine gewisse Sendung, die er zu vollführen berufen ist—Every man above the ordinary has a certain mission which he is called to fulfil.

But when I had dismissed my fellow legates, and sent them back to Jerusalem, I took care to have arms provided, and the cities fortified. And the commander, turning to look at the adjutant, directed his jerky steps down the line. Pope and McDowell he plainly disliked, and rated them low as to capacity for command; but he spoke of them without discourtesy or vilification. Fashion is gentility running away from vulgarity, and afraid to be overtaken by it. Whenever the rich prepare a solemn and popular entertainment; whenever they celebrate, with profuse and pernicious luxury, their private banquets; the choice of the guests is the subject of anxious deliberation.


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