For as there is no wax, no silver, no brass which cannot be converted into something else, whatever is composed of wax, or silver, or brass may cease to be what it is.

General Scott, with Worth’s division, was now occupying Tacubaya, a village some four miles south-west of the City of Mexico, and extending from the base up the mountain-side for the distance of half a mile.

There was cause, indeed, for joy; for the country was for a time freed from the most exhausting war in which it had ever been engaged. VI., i. [283] Compare Plutarch, Kimon, c. He captured Columbia, South Carolina, on the 17th; thence moved on Goldsboro’, North Carolina, via Fayetteville, reaching the latter place on the 12th of March, opening up communication with General Schofield by way of Cape Fear River. They are not entitled to the slightest pity if they deliberately choose to resign into the hands of great wrongdoers the control of the corporations in which they own the stock.

A short cut is often a wrong cut. Dan. Prince Andrew had spent two years continuously in the country. Must tell Nicholas this. When detected, Ferdinand betrayed his associates, and grovelled to his parents. During all of the trying winter of 1860-1, when the Southerners were so defiant that they would not allow within their borders the expression of a sentiment hostile to their views, it was a brave man indeed who could stand up and proclaim his loyalty to the Union.

If there be no end to avarice and ambition, there is doubtless no more in desire; it still lives after satiety; and ‘tis impossible to prescribe either constant satisfaction or end; it ever goes beyond its possession. It was I that taught Thales, the most eminent of your sages, that to live and to die were indifferent; which made him, very wisely, answer him, ‘Why then he did not die?’ ‘Because,’ said he, ‘it is indifferent.’—[Diogenes Laertius, i. Analysis is not the business of the poet. John requires fruits worthy of repentance, and threatens destruction to those, who do not produce them. He has been called the first of the great Assyrian conquerors, though perhaps this estimate does scant justice to certain of his predecessors.

Rust wastes more than use. Fr. I am not only better pleased in doing him service than if he conferred a benefit upon me, but, moreover, had rather he should do himself good than me, and he most obliges me when he does so; and if absence be either more pleasant or convenient for him, ‘tis also more acceptable to me than his presence; neither is it properly absence, when we can write to one another: I have sometimes made good use of our separation from one another: we better filled and further extended the possession of life in being parted. Ex malis moribus bonæ leges natæ sunt—From bad manners good laws have sprung.


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