Habere facias possessionem—You shall cause to take possession.

There were wounded in the yards, at the windows of the houses, and the streets were crowded with them.

The stream there was deep and rapid, and was spanned by a bridge on which stood two mills, worked by the current below, and on the Connaught side was a strong fort, called King John’s Fort, with a tower seventy feet high, and flanking the river for a distance of two hundred feet. VII. It is a strange and unworthy feeling that prompts a man not to claim that to which he has a right, for fear that he may one day lose it; for by the same reasoning he might refuse wealth, reputation, or wisdom, for fear of losing them hereafter. A truce was Kutúzov’s sole chance of gaining time, giving Bagratión’s exhausted troops some rest, and letting the transport and heavy convoys (whose movements were concealed from the French) advance if but one stage nearer Znaim. Charles summoned all the persons alleged to know of this box and its contents, and questioned them, when there clearly appeared to be no such box or such evidence; and these facts were published in the Gazette. O that estates, degrees, and offices / Were not derived corruptly, and that clear honour / Were purchased by the merit of the wearer! / How many then would cover that stand bare; / How many be commanded that command; / How much low peasantry would then be glean’d / From the true seed of honour; and how much honour, / Pick’d from the chaff and ruin of the times, / To be new-varnish’d. Mer.

Cato in his speech for the Rhodians, says, “Are we to prevent them by doing first, what we say they intended to do to us?” On this subject there is a remarkable78 passage in Aulus Gellius, “When a Gladiator prepares to enter the lists for combat, such is his lot that he must either kill his adversary, or be killed himself. The master of the Roman world affected to copy the dress and manners of the female sex, preferred the distaff to the sceptre, and dishonored the principal dignities of the empire by distributing them among his numerous lovers; one of whom was publicly invested with the title and authority of the emperor’s, or, as he more properly styled himself, of the empress’s husband. The heat killed such multitudes of horses that the means at our disposal for removing the poor dead beasts proved quite inadequate, although every nerve was strained to the limit. “Come along then! Come along then!” the publican and the tall young fellow repeated one after the other, and they moved up the street together. The increase of crosses would proportionately increase your delight.