Halleck had known him as a very successful young officer in managing campaigns against the Indians on the Pacific coast, and appointed him acting-quartermaster in south-west Missouri.

The second battle was fought near Fano in Umbria; on the spot which, five hundred years before, had been fatal to the brother of Hannibal.

Wie ist das Menschenherz so klein! / Und doch auch da zieht Gott herein—How small is the human heart, and yet even there God enters in. Damnosa hæreditas—An inheritance which entails loss. “But they’ll make grand leg bands, dear friend,” he said, and went back into the shed. The 11th, McClernand was at Five Mile Creek; Sherman at Auburn; McPherson five miles advanced from Utica. Ambrogio della Massima in Rome.

Euphemus now despatched the bird, which passed swiftly through the islands, yet not without losing some of the feathers of her tail, so speedily did they reunite. Die Tugend des Menschen, der nach dem Geboten der Vernunft lebt, zeigt sich gleich gross in Vermeidung, wie in Ueberwindung der Gefahren—The virtue of the man who lives according to the commands of reason manifests itself quite as much in avoiding as in overcoming danger. The following year the Thebans returned again, and the towns of Kadesh, Semyra, Aradus, and Arathu, on the shores of Lake Nisrana, fell one after the other. 11 Dicæarchus was a native of Messana, in Sicily, though he lived chiefly in Greece. It would appear that the Chaldseans had already begun to encroach upon these tribes and to establish colonies among them—El-Ashshur on the banks of the Tigris, Harran on the furthest point of the Mesopotamian plain, towards the sources of the Balikh.

Thaumas married the lovely Electra (whose name signifies the sparkling light produced by electricity), daughter of Oceanus. His stay in office depends not upon how he performs service, but upon how he retains his influence in the party. Had I known how to make a right use of this thy crucifying conduct, I should have made a good progress. Post tenebras lux—After darkness light. Beauty is a good letter of introduction. Ger.

But Anna Mikháylovna did not obey him. But their fate was still in their own hands; and if they had courage to despise the vain terrors of an impotent republic, it was easy to convince the world, that those who were masters of the arms, were masters of the authority, of the state. “But why have you collected here?” he added. Before giving General Butler his instructions, I visited him at Fort Monroe, and in conversation pointed out the apparent importance of getting possession of Petersburg, and destroying railroad communication as far south as possible. The diseases of the body explain themselves by their increase; we find that to be the gout which we called a rheum or a strain; the diseases of the soul, the greater they are, keep, themselves the most obscure; the most sick are the least sensible; therefore it is that with an unrelenting hand they most often, in full day, be taken to task, opened, and torn from the hollow of the heart.

He stood distinguished from the other generals, Lacedæmonian, Arcadian, Achæan, etc.,[p. 40 Had Germany been reduced into the state of a province, the Romans, with immense labor and expense, would have acquired only a more extensive boundary to defend against the fiercer and more active barbarians of Scythia. He ordered dinners and suppers and obviously tried to appear cheerful, but his cheerfulness was not infectious as it used to be: on the contrary it evoked the compassion of those who knew and liked him. Di tutte le arti maestro è amore—Love is master of all arts. XXIV. After the Athenian disaster in Sicily, ambassadors came to Sparta from Chios, Lesbos, and Kyzikus.

A cannonade began. In truth, his powers were badly economised and too sparingly employed; insomuch that, over and above his actual work, there was abundant capacity lying idle which might have been called into service, both to the public advantage and his own private glory.