He issued his orders to the four magazines and manufactures of offensive and defensive arms, Margus, Ratiaria, Naissus, and Thessalonica, to provide his troops with an extraordinary supply of shields, helmets, swords, and spears; the unhappy provincials were compelled to forge the instruments of their own destruction; and the Barbarians removed the only defect which had sometimes disappointed the efforts of their courage.

But McClellan’s anticipation of an overwhelming attack upon his right was so strong that he determined still to press our advance, and sent orders accordingly.

If it were a habit of valour and not a sally, it would render a man equally resolute in all accidents; the same alone as in company; the same in lists as in a battle: for, let them say what they will, there is not one valour for the pavement and another for the field; he would bear a sickness in his bed as bravely as a wound in the field, and no more fear death in his own house than at an assault. Manchester, 1887; Sir G. The author first introduces the candidates who were obnoxious to him, and he certainly roasts them royally, and serves with a right pungent sauce. Before this I had been collecting, from St. ???????? ??? ??u????? ???????? ???? ????????· ????? ???????????.

and Christ be with you!” Kutúzov was saying to a general who stood beside him, not taking his eye from the battlefield. “I will tell you why,” said Herbert; and as he spoke, he got up from his seat, and took a step or two over towards her, where she was sitting near the window. “It is by no means a satisfactory place for an Englishman.


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