Humiles laborant ubi potentes dissident—The 45 humble are in danger when those in power disagree.

As Amenemhat was not young when he ascended the throne, he began to feel the effects of age after reigning nineteen years, and this led to his making his son, Usertsen I, co-regent with himself with all the titles and prerogatives of royalty.

In this temple there is also a small chapel, lower in the building, which contains a figure of Jupiter in a sitting posture, with a large table before him; these, with the base of the table and the seat of the throne, are all of the purest gold, and are estimated by the Chaldeans to be worth eight hundred talents. With the Restoration it came back to full power and possession of its revenues and honours, and held them firmly against all rivals till James menaced them with the recall of the Roman hierarchy, when, joining with the alarmed public, it compelled the monarch himself to fly, and continued on its own vantage-ground. The condition of the Greek cities on the coast of Ionia, though according to Persian regulations they belonged to the satrapy of Tissaphernes, was now materially determined,–first, by the competing claims of Cyrus, who wished to take them away from him, and tried to get such transfer ordered at court,–next, by the aspirations of that young prince to the Persian throne. Edited, with Preface, by Edward P. The difference was that, unless we acted in self-defense, Colombia had it in her power to do us serious harm, and Venezuela did not have such power.

Fide et fortitudine—By faith and fortitude. No decent citizen had anything to fear from the police during the two years of my service. There were some military expeditions but no great wars. Atque in rege tamen pater est—And yet in the king there is the father. Ut canis e Nilo—Like the dog by the Nile, i.e., drinking and running.

Were people but convinced of this truth, they would be far from complaining all their lives. The experiment of passing batteries had been tried before this, however, during the war. I thoroughly enjoyed Harvard, and I am sure it did me good, but only in the general effect, for there was very little in my actual studies which helped me in after life. One’s piety is best displayed in his pursuits. A.


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