I know very well, that when I hear any one dwell upon the language of my essays, I had rather a great deal he would say nothing: ‘tis not so much to elevate the style as to depress the sense, and so much the more offensively as they do it obliquely; and yet I am much deceived if many other writers deliver more worth noting as to the matter, and, how well or ill soever, if any other writer has sown things much more materials or at all events more downright, upon his paper than myself.

Such a destruction of an entire division of Lacedæmonian hoplites, by light troops who stood in awe of them and whom they despised, was an incident, not indeed of great political importance, but striking in respect of military effect and impression upon the Grecian mind.

Those who possessed a small property were forced either to pledge or to sell it, while those who were absolutely destitute were carried off and imprisoned, though they might be scarred and enfeebled from the wars in which they had served in defence of their country. Parliament lost no time in setting about its work. Germains was on the alert to get the Prince of Wales accepted, and the English Jacobites sent Mr. Le hasard est un sobriquet de la Providence—Chance is a nickname for Providence. Se’l sol mi splende, non curo la luna—If the sun shines on me, I care not for the moon.

The unfortunate rebels were pursued with fury, and hunted through the day out of the neighbouring villages, whither they had flown for concealment. Next to him was Sir John Cochrane, the second son of Lord Dundonald, who was almost equally self-willed and jealous of the power of Argyll. Accordingly the Presbyterians were very soon promised a meeting with some of the Episcopalian clergy, and they were quite willing, seeing that they could no longer have matters their own way in the Church, to accept a platform of compromise laid down by Archbishop Ussher before his death, in which scheme the Church was to be governed by a union of suffragan bishops and synods or presbyteries, so as to unite the two great sects. f Strabo, The Geography of Strabo (translated from the Greek by J. He descended the knoll and began walking up and down before it.

This antipathy, which was only awaiting an opportunity to manifest itself, blazed out after an unfortunate expedition of Cambyses against Ethiopia. You see, then, it is only you that trouble yourself; you will everywhere follow yourself, and everywhere complain; for there is no satisfaction here below, but either for brutish or for divine souls. Herrenlos ist auch der Freiste nicht—Even 30 the most emancipated is not without a master. The annual tribute was paid to the pasha either in money or in gold, senna or slaves. Threatened on three sides, and in danger of being cut off by Sargon from his own principality, he and his troops left the city during the night and directed their steps to the Elamite part of Yatburu, whence they might advance against the enemy in co-operation with Shutur-nakhundi.

Gefühl ist alles; / Name ist Schall und Rauch / Umnebelnd Himmelsglut—Feeling is all; name is sound and smoke veiling heaven’s splendour. A front attack was therefore impossible, and was never contemplated; certainly not by me. I understand that. The Imperial army, strictly speaking, was one third composed of Dutch, Belgians, men from the borders of the Rhine, Piedmontese, Swiss, Genevese, Tuscans, Romans, inhabitants of the Thirty-second Military Division, of Bremen, of Hamburg, and so on: it included scarcely a hundred and forty thousand who spoke French. The parliamentary dissolution followed in June, 1747, when the favourite manoeuvre of those in power was to recklessly accuse their opponents of belonging to the Stuart 110 faction.

“Your going to Nashville without authority, and when your presence with your troops was of the utmost importance, was a matter of very serious complaint at Washington, so much so that I was advised to arrest you on your return.” This was the first I knew of his objecting to my going to Nashville. I disposed the troops belonging to the district in conformity with the situation as rapidly as possible.


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