“I understand your reasons.

Of the same stamp is this other counsel that philosophy gives, only to remember the happiness that is past, and to forget the misadventures we have undergone; as if we had the science of oblivion in our own power, and counsel, wherein we are yet no more to seek.

Was Menschen säen, werden die Götter eraten; / Gott spricht durch seine Welt, der Mensch durch seine That—What men sow the gods will reap. Post 8vo, cloth limp, 2s. However, as no one listened to him, because of the general terror, he went home, armed himself, and took his post in the street outside his door, saying, "I have done all I could for my country and her laws." After this he remained quiet, though his friends urged him to leave Athens. This pain is so severe, that the soul would do anything to satisfy God for the fault, and would rather be torn in pieces than endure the torment. It first appeared in a little volume of Miscellanies in 1571.

“In my second expedition to Egypt and Ethiopia I directed the march. Wahrheit wird wohl gedrückt, aber nicht 20 erstickt—Truth may be smothered, but not extinguished. Felo de se—A suicide. Rostóv described Denísov’s appearance. Worldly goods are not goods to God; therefore they are not goods to us; offending and being offended are equally testimonies of imbecility; ‘tis therefore folly to fear God.

186] themselves for services already rendered to him,–the general analogy of Grecian history would sufficiently teach us, though we are without special details. Tuta timens—Fearing even safety. FERETORY (from Lat. Nature, therefore, cannot be void of reason, if art can bring nothing to perfection without it, and if the works of nature exceed those of art. Soon after this the children came in to say good night.

One day, being in great distress on account of the redoubling of outward and inward crosses, I went into my closet to give vent to my grief. Until people get it firmly fixed in their minds that peace is valuable chiefly as a means to righteousness, and that it can only be considered as an end when it also coincides with righteousness, we can do only a limited amount to advance its coming on this earth.


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