In a side box is Sir Richard Glyn, who was defeated; in another, somewhat lower, is Sir Robert Ladbrooke, a new candidate, who was successful; below these is a fourth box, in which are Sir Crisp Gascoyne and Sir William Calvert; the latter, though one of the former representatives, secured the fewest votes in 1754.

He was given four weeks’ leave of absence.

Son genre n’est pas le plus grand, mais elle est la plus grande dans son genre—Its kind is not the greatest, but it is the greatest of its kind. I have heard in the old army an anecdote very characteristic of Bragg. Tantus amor laudum, tantæ est victoria curæ—Such is the love of praise, so great the anxiety for victory. Waft yourselves, yearning souls, upon the stars; / Sow yourselves on the wandering winds of space; / Watch patient all your days, if your eyes take / Some dim, cold ray of knowledge. Justi ut sidera fulgent—The just shine as the stars.

It has already been mentioned that Psamthek, so as to protect himself against the renewed invasion of the Assyrians, also turned to Asia. A definite treaty of partition directed against Spain, Germany, etc., arranged even to minute details, was planned between Gauls and Anglo-Saxons, in a time of the profoundest peace, and concluded without the[Pg 74] slightest twinge of conscience, in order to annihilate Germany and Austria and eliminate their competition from the world market! Seventeen years before the beginning of the World War this treaty was made by the united Anglo-Saxons and its goal was systematically envisaged throughout this entire period! Now one can understand the ease with which King Edward VII could pursue his policy of encirclement; for years the principal actors had been united and in readiness. We passed through a wood infested with robbers. Besides his “Temple,” Herbert wrote a prose work, “The Priest to the Temple; or, the Country Parson,” which is charmingly full of the simple, child-like piety of the author. And if a man should tell me, as a lord of very good understanding once did, that “he hoarded up wealth, not to extract any other fruit and use from his parsimony, but to make himself honoured and sought after by his relations; and that age having deprived him of all other power, it was the only remaining remedy to maintain his authority in his family, and to keep him from being neglected and despised by all around,” in truth, not only old age, but all other imbecility, according to Aristotle, is the promoter of avarice; that is something, but it is physic for a disease that a man should prevent the birth of.

To proceed: Mercator, the author of the Atlas, describing this city, speaks very highly of it, and says that it is the most celebrated city in the world; and being the common port of the universe, merchants of all sorts, and from the most distant countries, trade in it. But the form in which the universal content which is in and for itself, first belongs to Philosophy is the form of Thought, the form of the universal itself. “However, this is not at all interesting. The most potent empire that at this day appears to be in the whole world is that of the Turks, a people equally inured to the estimation of arms and the contempt of letters.


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