In retiring and giving ground, we invite and pull upon ourselves the ruin that threatens us.

A soul that has not by that time given evident earnest of its force and virtue will never after come to proof.

Walpole gives an extraordinary example of his freedom in demanding money of the king. Staggering amid the crush, Pierre looked about him. Vertere seria ludo—To turn from grave to gay. [Greek: hokosa pharmaka ouk iêtai sidêros iêtai, hosa sidêros ouk iêtai pyr iêtai]—What medicines do not heal, the lance will; what the lance does not heal, fire will. The count and countess turned to her when they had any orders to give.

The expedition from Baton Rouge was without favorable results. Though I don’t like letting you go, it is the best way. After the fish, which made a certain sensation, the count exchanged glances with the other committeemen. He forgot that what he was saying about Natásha could have been applied word for word to himself in relation to his wife. I could even have wished to be deaf, blind and dumb, that nothing might divert me from my love of God.

The general tendency of things throughout 45 the world is to render mediocrity the ascendant power among mankind. J. Under these circumstances, we cannot wonder that the Athenians passed sentence of banishment against him; not because he had originally taken part in aid of Cyrus against Artaxerxes,–nor because his political sentiments were unfriendly to democracy, as has been sometimes erroneously affirmed,–but because he was now openly in arms, and in conspicuous command, against his own country.[289][p. “And ask whether sharpshooters have been posted,” he added. Those who tell us that King Numa was a pupil of Pythagoras, narrate also that Mamercus, the founder of this family, was a son of that philosopher, who for his singular grace and subtlety of speech was surnamed Aemilius. I hate ingratitude more in a man / Than lying, vainness, babbling, drunkenness, / Or any taint of vice whose strong corruption / Inhabits our frail blood. Twelfth Night, iii.

Come what sorrow can, / It cannot countervail th’ exchange of joy / That one short minute gives me in her sight. Rom. The day after his interview with Count Arakchéev, Prince Andrew spent the evening at Count Kochubéy’s. Sitting silent and motionless on a heap of straw against the wall, Pierre sometimes opened and sometimes closed his eyes.


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