In the world’s opinion marriage, as in a play, winds up everything; whereas it is, in fact, the beginning of everything. Mme.

Things won are done; joy’s soul lies in the doing. Troil.

Per quod servitium amisit—For loss of his or her services. The first enterprise undertaken by the Athenians in the course of the spring was against the island of Kythêra, on the southern coast of Laconia. It was owned by a primitive learned old man of seventy-four, and active as a boy, a queer old housekeeper of a wife, sons who shoot, and daughters, and three old brothers, who played cards with him in the evening. As long as I could avoid interfering I did so; but I directed the head of the Labor Bureau, Carroll Wright, to make a thorough investigation and lay the facts fully before me. Ever he watched the motion of his hands, and parried the blow wherever it might fall.

This custom long prevailed in the East. Le coeur de l’homme n’est jamais si inflexible que son esprit—The heart of man is never so inflexible as his intellect. On the 25th we had just finished writing up the biography, when they came to tell me that the ship had to sail that day, which caused me a good deal of sorrow, as I was to be left at Fiume; my expenses were not paid, and we personally had not enough money for two, so Richard was to go on to the Guinea Coast alone. The Goths, the Vandals, the Gepidæ, the Burgundians, the Alemanni, wasted each other’s strength by destructive hostilities: and whosoever vanquished, they vanquished the enemies of Rome. Battle of Proposis (year V).


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