Indeed, the manner in which He corrects His chosen, must be felt, or it is impossible to conceive how dreadful it is.

When, therefore, Mackay saw that his soldiers were being hewed down by hundreds, and no succour came, he said, “God’s will be done,” and fought on till he fell.

It was just as I expected it would be. There was first, a considerable Athenian minority who opposed the war with Sparta from the first; next, when the war began, the proprietors of Attica saw their lands ruined, and were compelled either to carry away, or to lose, their servants and cattle, so that they obtained no returns. The revelations of things to come are also very dangerous. Recalling his recent impressions, the first thought that came into his mind was that today he had to be presented to the Emperor Francis; he remembered the Minister of War, the polite Austrian adjutant, Bilíbin, and last night’s conversation. Architecture is the art which fits and frames together, of stone, brick, mortar, timber or iron, the abiding and assembling places of man, all his houses, palaces, temples, monuments, museums, workshops, roofed places of meeting and exchange, theatres for spectacle, fortresses of defence, bridges, aqueducts, and ships for seafaring.

Anaxagoras was the first to come to Athens, and thus his science takes a middle place between both extremes, and Athens was made its centre. The date of the change of climate is roughly shown by the depth of the Nile deposits. But the Xenophontic Anabasis betrays her real weakness against any vigorous attack; while it at the same time exemplifies the discipline, the endurance, the power of self-action and adaptation, the susceptibility of influence from speech and discussion, the combination of the reflecting obedience of citizens with the mechanical regularity of soldiers,–which confer such immortal distinction on the Hellenic character. One of these, under Gungunu, succeeded in transferring the capital of Babylonia from Isin to Ur. Nicholas!”…

We have raised Pain and Sorrow into heaven, and in our temples, on our altars. As I have said, it was necessary for me also to have an operator during this inspection who had possession of this cipher to enable me to telegraph to my division and to the War Department without my dispatches being read by all the operators along the line of wires over which they were transmitted. Ardua molimur: sed nulla nisi ardua virtus—I attempt an arduous task; but there is no worth that is not of difficult achievement. William’s spirit and sound sense seemed to reanimate the drooping energies of the Allies. Nor did those who offered to surrender always experience the lenity and mercy, which they sought thereby.

I always admired the South, as bad as I thought their cause, for the boldness with which they silenced all opposition and all croaking, by press or by individuals, within their control. Sei gut, und lass von dir die Menschen Böses sagen; / Wer eigne Schuld nicht trägt, kann leichter fremde tragen—Be good, and let men say ill of thee; he who has no sin to bear of his own can more easily bear that of others. Der Mensch erfährt, er sei auch wer er mag, / 35 Ein letztes Glück und einen letzten Tag—No man, be he who he may, but experiences a last happiness and a last day. The best man with both pistol and rifle who ever shot there was Stewart Edward White. Most important were the consequences which ensued from the death of Lysander and the retreat of Pausanias out of Boeotia.

Ofte er Skarlagens Hierte under reven Kaabe—There 35 is often a royal heart under a tattered coat. Incedis per ignes / Suppositos cineri doloso—You are treading on fire overlaid by treacherous ashes. Geteilte Freud’ ist doppelt Freude—Joy shared is joy doubled. 64 Though a soldier, he had received a learned education; though a senator, he was invested with the first dignity of the army; and in an age when the civil and military professions began to be irrecoverably separated from each other, they were united in the person of Carus. Likewise the king made extensive provisions for fortifications.

Willst du dich am Ganzen erquicken, / So musst du das Ganze im Kleinsten erblicken—Wilt thou strengthen thyself in the whole, then must thou see the whole in the least object. Mademoiselle Bourienne was often touched to tears as in imagination she told this story to him, her seducer. The second corps soon followed; and the outer works of Petersburg were in the hands of the National troops, never to be wrenched from them again. Duces tecum—You must bring with you (certain documents). Fort Pemberton was so little above the water that it was thought that a rise of two feet would drive the enemy out.

Je vous apprendrai à vivre—I will teach you better manners (lit. to live). Je veux que, le dimanche, chaque paysan ait sa poule au pot—It is my wish that every peasant may have a fowl in his pot on Sundays. Manhood, when verging into age, grows thoughtful, / Full of wise saws and modern instances. As You Like It, ii. The divine power of the love, of which we cease not to sing and speak, is this, that it reproduces every moment the grand qualities of the beloved object, perfect in the smallest parts, embraced in the whole; it rests not either by day or by night, is ravished with its own work, wonders at its own stirring activity, finds the well-known always new, because it is every moment begotten anew in the sweetest of all occupations. Love goes toward love, as schoolboys from their books; / But love from love, toward school with heavy looks. Rom.

His education was private.


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