It was too decisive to be left, they thought, in barren glory; it ought to be followed up by a more severe blow to France.

As to the creation of the living things on the globe, including man, the Oriental idea, which amounted to no explanation at all, but was rather the hiding of utter ignorance behind a screen of positive assertion, has been supplanted in the latter part of the nineteenth century by the scientific explanations of the evolutionists.

244] decease of Agis. Now, the right of revolution is an inherent one. But the Persian, conscious of his superiority, refused the money with disdain; and detaining the deputies, advanced in order of battle to the foot of the Roman rampart, and insisted on a personal conference with the emperor. Die Lust zu reden kommt zu rechter Stunde, / Und wahrhaft fliesst das Wort aus Herz und Munde—The inclination to speak comes at the right hour, and the word flows true from heart and lip. Poco daño espanta, y mucho amansa—A little 30 loss alarms one, a great loss tames one down.

Which gave occasion to Demosthenes to say, “that we are justly more exasperated against those, who, abounding in riches, commit evil actions, than against those, who are impelled by want to do the same. A very summary general view is given in Salomon Reinach, The Story of Art through the Ages (trans. The civil offices of consul, of proconsul, of censor, and of tribune, by the union of which it had been formed, betrayed to the people its republican extraction. During the 12th and 13th, and until the arrival of Wallace and Thayer on the 14th, the National forces, composed of but 15,000 men, without intrenchments, confronted an intrenched army of 21,000, without conflict further than what was brought on by ourselves. There is always the possibility of beauty 5 where there is an unsealed human eye; of music where there is an unstopped human ear; and of inspiration where there is a receptive human spirit, a spirit standing before. C.

Let me have men about me that are fat; / 30 Sleek-headed men, and such as sleep o’ nights; / Yond’ Cassius has a lean and hungry look; / He thinks too much; such men are dangerous. Jul. Fors et virtus miscentur in unum—Fortune and valour are blended into one. But they need not necessarily be evil because they are passions and because they are strong. Kutúzov did not reply, but when they reported to him that Murat’s troops were in retreat he ordered an advance, though at every hundred paces he halted for three quarters of an hour. The attempt ever relishes of the quality of the thing to which it is directed, for it is a good part of, and consubstantial with, the effect.

This scarsitie of victuals was of greatest force in Leicester shire, & in the middle parts of the realme. But your school, Balbus, allows fire only to be the sole active principle; an opinion which I believe you derive from Heraclitus, whom some men understand in one sense, some in another: but since he seems unwilling to be understood, we will pass him by. Once I kept Greenway and Goodrich at work for forty-eight hours, without sleeping, and with very little food, fighting and digging trenches. It is probable that, in its composition, Jonathan Wild preceded Joseph Andrews. No people at the present day can be explained by their national religion.

“You know it has cost money! How can you chuck it in like that or shove it under the cord where it’ll get rubbed? I don’t like that way of doing things. The General Assembly addressed a sharp remonstrance to the king, which was delivered to him soon after the battle of Naseby, but it produced no effect. On the third day after Kutúzov’s report a country gentleman arrived from Moscow, and news of the surrender of Moscow to the French spread through the whole town. When I was a boy neither the black-throated green warbler nor the purple finch nested around us, nor were bobolinks found in our fields. In consequence of this order Villeroi and the Elector of Bavaria—who, in spite of his severe chastisement, still adhered to France against his own country—passed the Dyle, and[565] posted themselves, on the 19th of May, at Tirlemont.

There was a feeling of disgust manifested by the audience to find that he had come to life again. There were readie within the realme at that season, in one part and other 100000 archers, and ten thousand men of armes, besides those that were gone into Spaine with the duke of Lancaster. And obstinacy is the sister of constancy, at least in vigour and stability. There was a stir in the next room and he heard the steps of Toll, Konovnítsyn, and Bolkhovítinov. The order, which counts among its members excellent artists, including Father Desiderius, has brought new glory to the abbey, which had fallen into neglect and decay, by magnificent interior decorations.

Bless, and curse not. St.


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