Men must endure / Their going hence, even as their coming hither: / Ripeness is all. Lear, v.

Take your thirst to the stream, as the dog does. Gael.

And so, with the growth of societies, it came about that one class of persons separated themselves and became the ministers or producers of this kind of pleasures, while the rest became the persons ministered to, the participators in or recipients of the pleasures. His marriage with Metis, who is said to have surpassed both gods and men in knowledge, represents supreme power allied to wisdom and prudence. But what proved a complete damper to all parties, was a proposal read by Clarendon as having the king’s approbation, namely, that others, besides the two parties in question, should have full liberty for religious worship, and should not be disturbed by magistrate or peace officer, provided they themselves did not disturb the peace. As we had no other furniture but our beds, quite plain and homely, I brought some straw chairs and some Dutch earthen and wooden ware. We could, indeed, embrace the whole in the single principle of development; if this were clear, all else would result and follow of its own accord.

Nous désirerions peu de choses avec ardeur, si nous connaissions parfaitement ce que nous désirons—We should desire few things with eagerness if we well knew the worth of what we are striving for. But these triumphs were only temporary. It is thought requisite for us, and for the carrying on of the cause of the twa kingdoms, that this obstacle or remora may be moved out of the way, who, we foresee, will otherwise be no small impediment to us, and the gude design that we have undertaken. Beware of making any distinctions which may infringe equality.