Men such as those I have mentioned have the right stuff in them! If they go wrong, the trouble is with the system, and therefore with us, the citizens, for permitting the system to go unchanged.

And this wrath probably would have been satisfied, if, after the battle of Knidus, he could have cleared his own satrapy of them completely.

Roscher, 5th ed. I am too mild for such rugged designs: to say the truth, I am not arrived to that perfection of ability and refinement of wit, to confound reason with injustice, and to laugh at all rule and order that does not please my palate; because I hate superstition, I do not presently run into the contrary extreme of irreligion. What cannot be eschew’d must be embraced. Merry Wives, v. I believe nothing more certainly than this, that I cannot be hurt by the use of things to which I have been so long accustomed. I must not omit what Plutarch says he saw of a dog at Rome with the Emperor Vespasian, the father, at the theatre of Marcellus.

vii, 26; v, 52) passed through both Kelænæ and Kolossæ; though this is a prodigious departure from the straight line. Materiem, qua sis ingeniosus, habes—You have a subject on which to show your ingenuity. of Ven., ii. Wormald. Your Minister may perhaps be good as a Minister, but as a general he is not merely bad but execrable, yet to him is entrusted the fate of our whole country….

I have seen your despatch in which you say, “I want Sheridan put in command of all the troops in the field, with instructions to put himself south of the enemy, and follow him to the death. The festival which was previously established there in honour of Melikerta used to be celebrated by night, and to be more like a religious mystery than a great spectacle and gathering. Pierre too bent his head and let his hands fall. They were finally obliged to abandon their boats. The adjutant looked at Pierre as if puzzled what to do with him now.

In this she is less like Miss Edgeworth than Miss Austen. [See letter, August 5th, Appendix.] I told him that Sheridan was in Washington, and still another division was on its way; and suggested that he establish the headquarters of the department at any point that would suit him best, Cumberland, Baltimore, or elsewhere, and give Sheridan command of the troops in the field. Now, amongst the rest, drunkenness seems to me to be a gross and brutish vice. Jede That der Weltgeschichte / Zeugt auch wieder eine That—Every deed in the history of the world begets another deed in turn. Now, entering into Weyrother’s plan, Prince Andrew considered possible contingencies and formed new projects such as might call for his rapidity of perception and decision.

The works were very extensive. “She does, I know,” Pierre cried fiercely. After the last two days spent in solitude and unusual circumstances, Pierre was in a state bordering on insanity. I will write to him, and I will tell Papa!” said Sónya resolutely. “All this misery, and money, and Dólokhov, and anger, and honor—it’s all nonsense…

Men must endure / Their going hence, even as their coming hither: / Ripeness is all. Lear, v. A man’s aye crousest in his ain cause. Sc. Fremdes Pferd und eigene Sporen haben bald 40 den Wind verloren—Another’s horse and our own spurs soon outstrip the wind. “She has written to you. The largest ship which had yet been built in England was built by him, but it was only of fourteen hundred tons.