Miserable as the condition was to which I was reduced by my infidelities, and the little help I had from my confessor, I did not fail to say my vocal prayers every day, to confess pretty often, and to partake of the communion almost every fortnight.

Everything in nature is a puzzle until it finds its solution in man, who solves it in some way with God, and so completes the circle of creation. T.

The first-fruits of the pastoral harvest live in the house where Santillana garnered them, and those roses, amid which he found the milkmaid of La Finojosa, are still as sweet in his best known–and perhaps his best–ballad as on that spring morning, between Calateveño and Santa María, some four hundred years since. The latter reference seems to me inadmissible, for ???? ?? must signify some persons or things which have been before specified or indicated; and that which Göller supposes it to mean has not been before indicated. The Socratic Method. In this conversation Socrates’ philosophy is found, as also what is known as the Socratic method, which must in its nature be dialectic, and of which we must speak before dealing with the content. A deep ravine called Cockburnspath, or, as Oliver pronounced it, Copper’s Path, about forty feet deep and as many wide, with a rivulet running through it, lay between Oliver and the Scottish army, which was posted on Doon Hill. Corpus Christi is near the head of the bay of the same name, formed by the entrance of the Nueces River into tide-water, and is on the west bank of that bay.

In accordance with this policy of restraint I have also kept the Historical Tables mentioned by you strictly objective and made them accessible only to a narrow circle of acquaintances. Music is the most immediate means possessed by the will for the manifestation of its inner impulses. A. From this opinion Erskine alone dissented.


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