My experience with Senator Quay was similar.

“The Russians are very devout,” replied Balashëv.

Mollissima tempora fandi—The most fitting moment for speaking, or addressing, one. They followed the unknown course of the river, confident in their valor, and careless of whatever power might oppose their progress. I have always tried to keep my political acts, everything that I did as a ruler and a man, in harmony with God’s commandments. Unfortunately he had acquired the habit of drinking, and his friends could see that the habit was growing on him. They assured him that there was no chance of effecting an invasion without preceding it by dispatching William.

Der grösste Schritt ist der aus der Thür—The greatest step is that out of the door. The faithful, who, instead of praying to each one separately, preferred to address them all, invoked them always in the same order: they began with Anu, the heaven, and followed with Bel, Ea, Sin, Shamash, and Bamman. Some time was given for the Syracusans to prepare his funeral, and for neighbours and foreigners to assemble, so that the ceremony was performed with great splendour. People have asked me how I felt on this occasion. The African Christians soon formed one of the principal members of the primitive church.