my health vigorous and sprightly, even to a well advanced age, and rarely troubled with sickness.

The greater part of the entries in the Journal, giving the account of these waters, and of the travels, down to Montaigne’s arrival at the first French town on his homeward route, are in Italian, because he wished to exercise himself in that language.

Somnum reducent.–iii. Joseph’s day was to me a memorable day; for then my state had more of Heaven than of earth beyond what any expression can reach. Thousands of crows rose above the walls and circled in the air, cawing and noisily flapping their wings. This Commission, appointed by me on October 22, 1903, was directed to report to the President: “Upon the condition, operation, and effect of the present land laws, and to recommend such changes as are needed to effect the largest practicable disposition of the public lands to actual settlers who will build permanent homes upon them, and to secure in permanence the fullest and most effective use of the resources of the public lands.” It proceeded without loss of time to make a personal study on the ground of public land problems throughout the West, to confer with the Governors and other public men most concerned, and to assemble the information concerning the public lands, the laws and decisions which governed them, and the methods of defeating or evading those laws, which was already in existence, but which remained unformulated in the records of the General Land Office and in the mind of its employees. / Warum machst du dir das Leben zur Pein?—Thou shouldst make peace (lit. be content) with death.

Poetry itself is strength and joy, whether it be crowned by all mankind, or left alone in its own magic hermitage. J. Every one rakes the fire under his own pot. Dan. But neither in town nor country were the common people disposed to see the whole empire of Popery thus restored. For the country of Canaan and the neighbouring provinces attacked the rear-guard of the victorious army, and the king of the Kheta, profiting by this diversion, broke the peace. As to what concerns him of whom I am speaking, I see nowhere a better governed house, more nobly and constantly maintained than his.

Geben ist Sache des Reichen—Giving is the business of the rich. A quick inquiry was set on foot after further traces of the alarming facts; and on the 12th, the very day on which judgment was pronounced against the City, Josiah Keeling, a man who had been extremely prominent in the late contests about the sheriffs, and who had displayed his zeal by actually laying hands on the Lord Mayor Moore, for his support of the Government, now waited on Lord Dartmouth, the Duke of York’s close friend, and informed him of particulars of the late schemes, as if they were yet actively in operation against the king’s life. All that is organic, for example, is of another kind; and, further, earth as one, as simple, pure earth, does not exist, for it is in manifold determinateness. [Greek: ton tethnêkota mê kakologein]—Speak not evil of the dead. Even if there was any arson (which is very doubtful, for no one had any reason to burn the houses—in any case a troublesome and dangerous thing to do), arson cannot be regarded as the cause, for the same thing would have happened without any incendiarism.

“Ah, a weapon?” said the officer and turned to the barefooted soldier who had been arrested with Pierre. In the same year, in addition to the work of the National Forests, the responsibility for the proper handling of Indian timberlands was laid upon the Forest Service, where it remained with great benefit to the Indians until it was withdrawn, as a part of the attack on the Conservation policy made after I left office. Diodorus introduces in these transactions King Pausanias, not King Agis, as the acting person. In both these countries therefore there is an early, surprisingly rapid development, followed by a speedy decline; where even in succeeding brilliant epochs no successful attempts to equal the results of the first florescence were ever made. Nunc positis novus exuviis nitidusque juventa—Now, 45 all new, his slough cast off, and shining in youth.

379For, as I am speaking to men of prudence, who have acted with the greatest glory in the Commonwealth, both in peace and war, I will take care not to allow the subject of the discussion itself to be clearer than my explanation of it. No wise man can have a contempt for the prejudices of others; and he should even stand in a certain awe of his own, as if they were aged parents and monitors. Een dief maakt gelegenheid—A thief makes opportunity. Hood’s Whims and Oddities. Complete. The tenths were about eleven thousand pounds a year, and the first-fruits about five thousand pounds.

In that case the enemy himself could have occupied the defences of Corinth and held at bay all the Union troops that arrived. Gedichte sind gemalde Fensterscheiben—Poems are painted window-panes, i.e., when genuine, they transmit heaven’s light through a contracted medium coloured by human feeling and fantasy. It became the royal residence in the reign of Asshur-bel-kala, the son of Tiglathpileser (or even earlier), and remained so until the reign of Asshurnazirpal.


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