Not only would the priestess belong to him for ever, having none other than him for husband, but Gilgames would shower upon him riches and honours.

We take other men’s knowledge and opinions upon trust; which is an idle and superficial learning.

As they passed by the farm buildings in front of the East Wood, the enemy made a dash at Greene and French. To this Sir Scudamore made no answer, though there was great anger in his heart. Whilst the king and queen retained their impolitic resentments, there was no hope of winning over friends from the ranks of their opponents. We see in the Iliad how, when angry with the Greeks, the “god of the silver bow” strode down from Olympus, with his quiver full of death-bringing darts, and sent a raging pestilence into their camp. Upon embracing him, therefore, as he retired to rest, “Father,” she said, in a low voice, “you need be under no apprehension; I solemnly swear to you by Diana, that both of us have spoken nothing but the truth.” The following day, Sostratus and the priest were occupied in performing the object of the sacred embassy, by offering the victims; the members of the Senate were present at the solemnity, and hymns of praise resounded in honour of the goddess.

He also warned them against pensioners and dependents on the Crown, who do not make good representatives of the people; and against those who, for reasons best known to themselves, had opposed the Triennial Bill. “It’s shameful, sir!” he said to the adjutant. 2. In Glück Vorsichtigkeit, in Unglück Geduld—In 15 good fortune, prudence; in bad, patience. Non esse cupidum pecunia est: non esse 30 emacem vectigal est—Not to be covetous is money: not to be extravagant is an estate.

Si tibi deficiant medici, medici tibi fiant / Hæc 35 tria; mens hilaris, requies, moderata diæta—If you stand in need of medical advice, let these three things be your physician: a cheerful mind, relaxation from business, and a moderate diet. There were some Egyptian troops in the army of Artaxerxes at the battle of Kunaxa; on the other hand, there were other Egyptians in a state of pronounced revolt.


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