Now, upon this subject, setting aside the examples I have gathered from books, and what Aristotle says of Andron the Argian, that he travelled over the arid sands of Lybia without drinking: a gentleman, who has very well behaved himself in several employments, said, in a place where I was, that he had ridden from Madrid to Lisbon, in the heat of summer, without any drink at all.

In other words, the philosophy of history of our time is a more conscious philosophy.

Theology stood on guard for the old views and accused the new of violating revelation. A space like a street was left between each two lines of troops. So may he rest; his faults lie gently on him. 15 Hen. Le trépas vient tout guérir; / Mais ne bougeons 25 d’où nous sommes: / Plutôt souffrir que mourir, / C’est la devise des hommes—Death comes to cure everything, but let us not stir from where we are. He says nothing about his sufferings.

Humphrey. I thought to do so, but, by my brown cow, I have been over-persuaded to the contrary by my Landlord and his Chaplain, Mr. I went to a party last night, and there out of five ladies three were Roman Catholics and had the Pope’s indulgence for doing woolwork on Sundays. Credo, quia absurdum—I believe it because it is 50 absurd. On the second and third day it was the same. Berlin, 1855, 1877, etc., 6 vols; History of Antiquity (translated by Evelyn Abbott).

Man soll die Stimmen wägen und nicht zählen—Votes ought to be weighed, not counted. Much of the time, I am sorry to say, was devoted to novels, but not those of a trashy sort. 40 But whilst Hadrian was delighting himself with his own applause, and the acclamations of the soldiers, whose consent had been secured by an immense donative, the new Caesar 41 was ravished from his embraces by an untimely death. “As my private advantage and honour were by no means the motives of your exertions in my behalf, so neither shall they be the objects of my actions. “Ei ist Ei,” sagte der Küster, aber er nahm 30 das Gans Ei—”An egg is an egg,” said the sexton, but he took the goose-egg.