Only the peoples of the northeast and north of the empire appear to have taken no part in the movement.

Others, again, say that the spear-head or spear was called by the ancients Quiris, and that the statue of Juno leaning on a spear is called Juno Quirites, and that the dart which is placed in the Regia is addressed as Mars, and that it is customary to present with a spear those who have distinguished themselves in war, and therefore that it was as a warrior, or god of war, that Romulus was called Quirinus.

The Rhetor cleared his throat, crossed his gloved hands on his breast, and began to speak. Homme instruit—A learned or literary man. 226.—G. There was no doctor, a disobliging stewardess, no baths, very little water to wash with, one towel. The Presbyterians took the opportunity while Fairfax, Cromwell, and the leading Independents were absent with the army, to propose a fresh treaty with Charles.

Lepsius, Letters from Egypt, Ethiopia, and the Peninsula of Sinai (translated from the German by Leonora and Joanna B. A few of the enemy were intrenched on the west bank, but they made little resistance and soon surrendered. On the salver lay some verses composed and printed in the hero’s honor. To be without books of your own is the abyss of penury. The occupation was a lucrative one, and its accomplished professors had numerous rivals whose educational antecedents were unknown, but who excited the envy of the experts in their trading upon the credulity of the people.

The important ceremony was performed in the cathedral of Rheims, with every circumstance of magnificence and solemnity that could impress an awful sense of religion on the minds of its rude proselytes. 7, London, 1883, and Babyl. He told her of external social events and of the people who had formed the circle of her contemporaries and had once been a real, living, and distinct group, but who were now for the most part scattered about the world and like herself were garnering the last ears of the harvests they had sown in earlier years. This plant, Hovenia dulcis, indigenous to Japan, has a peculiar odor, which, however, is not pleasant to European taste. On his return to Fontainebleau, he was received by Louis as if he were a conqueror, and created a duke, with a grant of money to enable him to support his new rank.

Yet the Confederate army in the West was broken at Donelson and at Vicksburg. “In that case we can go,” said Willarski. The valley is from one-half to one mile wide. But noticing the grieved expression on Princess Mary’s face she guessed the reason of that sadness and suddenly began to cry. 107]cere, of the demands previously made, and with the knowledge that the Spartan confederacy had pronounced peremptorily in favor of war,–seemed likely to produce unanimity at Athens, and to bring together this important assembly under the universal conviction that war was inevitable.

If you come to rush against the bar where the principal error lies, they have presently this sentence in their mouths, “That there is no disputing with persons who deny principles.” Now men can have no principles if not revealed to them by the divinity; of all the rest the beginning, the middle, and the end, is nothing but dream and vapour. The whole of this construction probably belongs to one period (Mommsen, op. The History of Philosophy has to represent this science in that form of time and individualities from which its outward form has resulted. Divination is a gift of God, and therefore to abuse it, ought to be a punishable imposture. Darius wished to repair the mistakes of his predecessor, and tried to conciliate the Egyptians.

London layers, $3.00. Of that empire the first origin has been set forth in my last preceding volume.


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