Our cavalry had gone farther south by the way of Prince Edward’s Court House, along with the 5th corps (Griffin’s), Ord falling in between Griffin and the Appomattox.

He is very young, genteel, and handsome.

Casus quem sæpe transit, aliquando invenit—Misfortune will some time or other overtake him whom it has often passed by. Balfour was killed at the head of his regiment; Mackay’s brother fell whilst gallantly endeavouring to keep together his men; and Mackay himself was compelled to give way. For a long time the difference of opinion between the Presbyterians and the Independents had been growing more marked and determined. “The nothing is like nothing and does not pass into Being or conversely; thus nothing can originate from like.” This, the oldest mode of argument, holds its place even to the present day, as, for example, in the so-called proof of the unity of God. This corps numbers now 15,300 men.

His opinions are sound, and lean to the right side in the Roman affairs. They set to work resolutely in cutting down the expenditure of the Government; they abolished all unnecessary offices; they revised the regulations of the Excise; reformed the constitution of the Treasury; reduced exorbitant salaries, and examined thoroughly the public accounts; they adopted measures for the sale of the confiscated lands, and enacted rules for the better registration of births, deaths, and marriages. What the Greek really seems to have implied was that the speech of all other nations was barbarous or unintelligible; but he by no means regarded all other nations as less civilised than himself. If we consider a man alone, apart from his relation to everything around him, each action of his seems to us free. In forty days he had advanced only eighty miles, and when he reached the left bank of the Ribble, near Preston, Cromwell had reduced Pembroke, marched rapidly northward through Gloucester, Warwick, Leicester, to Nottingham, where he left his prisoners with Colonel Hutchinson, governor of the castle, and soon joined Lambert at Otley Park, and forced back Langdale from Clitheroe on the main body at Preston.

But they do me wrong; for experience, rather, daily shows us, on the contrary, that a strong memory is commonly coupled with infirm judgment. There was the goddess for whose sake the whole expedition had been undertaken. All this must be attributed to his haughty, unbending temper, which is in all cases odious, but which in an ambitious man renders him savage and inexorable. Quod sursum volo videre—I wish to see that which is above. The principles thus formulated and applied may be summed up in the statement that the rights of the public to the natural resources outweigh private rights, and must be given its first consideration.

“You are Count Ilyá Rostóv’s son? My wife was a great friend of your mother’s. A man may by custom fortify himself against pain, shame, necessity, and such-like accidents, but as to death, we can experiment it but once, and are all apprentices when we come to it. My boy is growing up and rejoices in life, in which like everybody else he will deceive or be deceived. The incredible speed which Maximin exerted in his flight is much more celebrated than his prowess in the battle. spoken be conceived and understood; and so the things that are done, purpose after purpose, every one by itself likewise.

The only Whigs who retained office were the Duke of Devonshire, Lord High Steward, and Mr. In this are verified the words of an experienced saint; "When I would," says he, "possess nothing through self-love, everything was given me without going after it." Oh, happy dying of the grain of wheat, which makes it produce an hundredfold! The soul is then so passive, so equally disposed to receive from the hand of God either good or evil, as is astonishing. His horse lagged behind the adjutant’s and jolted him at every step. America was at liberty (despite the Gentlemen’s Agreement) to remain neutral or to enter the war on the other side. “Ah!…

A slight sketch of my last miseries, which I am glad to let you know, because in their beginning I omitted many infidelities, having had too much of an earnest attachment, vain complaisance, unprofitable and tedious conversations, though self-love and nature made a sort of necessity for them; but toward the latter part I could not have borne a speech too human, nor the least thing of the kind. The sight was magnificent, but terrible. God grants me cold according to my cloth, and passions proportionable to the means I have to withstand them: nature having laid me open on the one side, has covered me on the other; having disarmed me of strength, she has armed me with insensibility and an apprehension that is regular, or, if you will, dull. In the evening Herbert sheered off towards the Scilly Isles, and the French with great exultation, as in a victory, returned into the bay.


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