Poor Williams, made Archbishop of York on the 4th of this month, was surrounded by this mob and much frightened; but he got away unhurt, any further than in his feelings, from the execrations heaped on the bishops.

Omnium rerum, heus, vicissitudo est—There are changes, mark ye, in all things.

The French, avoiding the Russians, dispersed and hid themselves in the forest by night, making their way round as best they could, and continued their flight. To dance attendance on their lordships’ pleasures. Hen. That was made impossible by my firm Christian beliefs. From here a force was pushed out from this column to Duiguidsville, to obtain possession of the bridge across the James River at that place, but failed. It had hitherto been the peculiar felicity of the Romans, and in the worst of times the consolation, that the virtue of the emperors was active, and their vice indolent.

Count Kochubéy did not finish. But the Pythagorean philosophy itself developed to a point which left it quite other than what at first it was. The Kite is an Enemy to the Scorpions,[231] horn’d Serpents, and other little Creatures, that both bite and sting Men to Death.


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