Restat iter coelo: coelo tentabimus ire; / Da veniam coepto, Jupiter alte, meo—There remains a way through the heavens; through the heavens we will attempt to go.

The records, 151 however, deal with other contests in which the diarist was active, and notably one which brought Dodington much perplexity of mind and loss of cash.

In a period when these principles are annihilated, the censorial jurisdiction must either sink into empty pageantry, or be converted into a partial instrument of vexatious oppression. He had arranged this for himself so as to visit his neglected estates at the same time and pick up his son Anatole where his regiment was stationed, and take him to visit Prince Nicholas Bolkónski in order to arrange a match for him with the daughter of that rich old man. Though she led a good life, yet she had not a talent for the education of children. ‘Tis indeed the will that we are to serve and gain by wooing. The best men of command rank in our own service were confident that the fleet would go round in safety, in spite of the incredulity of foreign critics.

Das Vaterland der Gedanken ist das Herz: an dieser Quelle muss schöpfen, wer frisch trinken will—The native soil of our thoughts is the heart; whoso will have his fresh must draw from this spring. “Wonder at them” (18): i.e. 4th. The place was thrown under my sandals. The swords were worn on the left side, and suspended by belts passing over the shoulders or round the middle; some were short and others long.

A Cossack dismounted, lifted the boy down, and took him to Denísov. Flamma fumo est proxima—Where there is smoke there is fire (lit. flame is very close to smoke). We then changed horses again and worked the whole herd until after sunset, finishing just as it grew too dark to do anything more. My childlike simplicity, which was the state wherein God at that time kept me, passed with her for stupidity. In the meane time, the lord maior of London was returned into the citie, with one man onelie attending vpon him, and cried to the citizens; “Oh yée good and vertuous citizens, come foorth out of hand, and helpe your king readie to be slaine, & helpe me your maior standing in the same perill; or if yée will not helpe me for some faults committed by me against you, yet forsake not your king, but helpe and succour him in this present danger.” When the worshipfull citizens and other, that in their loiall hearts loued the king, had heard these words, in­con­ti­nent­lie they put themselues in strong and sure armor, to the number of a thousand men, and gathering themselues togither into the streets, tarried but for some lord or knight that might conduct them to the king: and by chance there came vnto them sir Robert Knolles, whom all of them requested that he would be their leader, least comming out of arraie and order, they might the sooner be broken, who willinglie led one part of them, and certeine other knights led other of them, clad in faire bright armour vnto the kings presence.

After him succeeded Lord Robartes, and next Lord Berkeley; but it mattered little who governed, nothing could induce the natives to sit down quietly under the loss of their estates, and that, too, whilst they had been often firm loyalists and the intruders rebels. “Strike her eyes with the affliction of the eyes—strike her loins with the affliction of the loins—strike her feet with the affliction of the feet—strike her heart with the affliction of the heart—strike her head with the affliction of the head—strike violently at her, at her whole body!” While Ishtar was suffering the torments of the infernal regions, the world of the living was wearing mourning on account of her death. “And now, suddenly, the opportunity for doing this was to escape France. The man who habitually follows wounded lions into thick cover must be a hunter of the highest skill, or he can count with certainty on an ultimate mauling. The nations, however, to the north and east, in Libya and in the Mediterranean islands, had for some time past been in a restless condition, which boded little good to the empires of the Old World.

Eggs and oaths are easily broken. Dan. As Sterne says: ‘We don’t love people so much for the good they have done us, as for the good we have done them.’ Father took her when she was homeless after losing her own father. “Thank you for coming. The one kind of progression which represents the deduction of the forms, the necessity thought out and recognized, of the determinations, is the business of Philosophy; and because it is the pure Idea which is in question and not yet its mere particularized form as Nature and as Mind, that representation is, in the main, the business of logical Philosophy. De Mello, the Portuguese ambassador in London, was informed that the proposal met the approbation of the king.

Invidus, iracundus, iners, vinosus, amator, / Nemo adeo ferus est, ut non mitescere possit, / Si modo culturæ patientem commodet aurem—The envious, the passionate, the indolent, the drunken, the lewd—none is so savage that he cannot be tamed, if he only lend a patient ear to culture. Bald Hills will be occupied by the enemy within a week. The old prince looked at Rostopchín with a smile and wagged his head approvingly. And where he had beene at great charges, in preparing forces to chastise them, as he was determined, if they had not submitted themselues vnto him, they were sure that their pursses must answer all that he had laid foorth about that matter. For this purpose she arranged a meeting between the young people at the bishop’s house before Mass.

“Tell Bezúkhov to come. I said, “Very well.” General Bowen, I saw, was very anxious that the surrender should be consummated. In other histories we have a clear conception of their subjects,[xv] at least so far as their principal points are concerned; we know whether they concern a particular land, people or race, or whether their subject is the science of mathematics, physics, &c., or an art, such as painting. Il a le vin mauvais—He is quarrelsome over his wine. IV., i.

152 Whereas the completion of bargain and sale, by giving the purchaser a right of possession and ejectment, and conveying to him the hazard with all the profits of the property, even before it is transferred, are regulations of the civil law not universally observed.