She could not lie either on her face or on her side.

The struggle between the army and Parliament—that is, between the Presbyterian and Independent interests—was all this time raging.

They divided the City into districts, and allotted to each a staff of examiners, searchers, nurses, and watchmen. Such a woman has been, who prized her honour above her life, and yet has prostituted it to the furious lust of a mortal enemy, to save her husband’s life, and who, in so doing, did that for him she would not have done for herself! This is not the place wherein we are to multiply these examples; they are too high and rich to be set off with so poor a foil as I can give them here; let us reserve them for a nobler place; but for examples of ordinary lustre, do we not every day see women amongst us who surrender themselves for their husbands sole benefit, and by their express order and mediation? and, of old, Phaulius the Argian, who offered his to King Philip out of ambition; as Galba did it out of civility, who, having entertained Maecenas at supper, and observing that his wife and he began to cast glances at one another and to make eyes and signs, let himself sink down upon his cushion, like one in a profound sleep, to give opportunity to their desires: which he handsomely confessed, for thereupon a servant having made bold to lay hands on the plate upon the table, he frankly cried, “What, you rogue? do you not see that I only sleep for Maecenas?” Such there may be, whose manners may be lewd enough, whose will may be more reformed than another, who outwardly carries herself after a more regular manner. But their dominion must have been limited to the province of Busiris. There is no reason that has not its contrary, say the wisest of the philosophers. Fides servanda est—Faith must be kept.

III. He also died after a short time, and, as all thought, Lykurgus ought to have been the next king. They could neither of them claim the Crown by direct succession, for James was alive, and protesting against the idea of his abdication. It was agreed that Caracalla, as the elder brother should remain in possession of Europe and the western Africa; and that he should relinquish the sovereignty of Asia and Egypt to Geta, who might fix his residence at Alexandria or Antioch, cities little inferior to Rome itself in wealth and greatness; that numerous armies should be constantly encamped on either side of the Thracian Bosphorus, to guard the frontiers of the rival monarchies; and that the senators of European extraction should acknowledge the sovereign of Rome, whilst the natives of Asia followed the emperor of the East. So far from making him pause at the contemplation of the avowed and universal spirit of his people, he was only the more exasperated, and continued muttering, “So much the worse for them.” He determined to take summary vengeance on the clergy, on the lawyers who[332] had opposed or deserted him, on the army, and on the people. When therefore the lords were readie, according to couenant, to come vnto Westminster, they were secretlie aduertised, that there was an ambush laid in a place called the Mewes, and so they staied, and came not at the appointed houre.

A gloomier prospect for the king than the one in that quarter could scarcely present itself. Jeder Krämer lobt seine Ware—Every dealer cracks up his wares. The other war was that for the succession in Ellipi to the north of Elam. On the 26th I informed the government at Washington of the position of the two armies; of the reinforcements the enemy had received; of the move I proposed to make; and directed that our base of supplies should be shifted to White House, on the Pamunkey. I stretched myself on the soft couch in my palace and sought repose, my spirit had nearly succumbed to sleep, when lo! they gathered themselves together in arms against me, and I became as weak as a serpent of the field.

CROMWELL ADDRESSING THE LONG PARLIAMENT FOR THE LAST TIME. They issued a proclamation called “A Standard set up,” ordered Mile End as the place of rendezvous, and, headed by one Venner, a wine merchant, and other persons of the City, calculated on introducing the reign of the Millennium. His squadron consisted of a frigate of thirty-two guns, called the Helderenbergh, and three small tenders, a fourth tender having been refused by the Dutch. ‘Tis a saying of. [p.