Some Cossacks of Dokhtúrov’s detachment reported having sighted the French Guards marching along the road to Bórovsk.

Citius venit periculum cum contemnitur—When danger is despised, it arrives the sooner.

Des Lebens Mühe / Lehrt uns allein des Lebens Güter schätzen—The labour of life alone teaches us to value the good things of life. Et pudet, et metuo, semperque eademque precari, / Ne subeant animo tædia justa tuo—I am ashamed to be always begging and begging the same things, and fear lest you should conceive for me the disgust I merit. Moscow was on fire in several places. Though church union in Prussia has been a success, Lutherans and Reformists kept apart in other sections of the fatherland. Crown 8vo, 1s.; cloth, 1s.

Deo duce, fortuna comitante—God for guide, fortune for companion. Bon naturel—Good nature or disposition. Berg blushed and smiled. My own brother, Father La Mothe, wrote to me that I was rebel to my bishop, staying in his diocese only to give him pain. Liber, liber sum, dic age—Tear away thy neck from the base yoke.

Sheridan destroyed the railroad and more supplies at Ashland, and on the 11th arrived in Stuart’s front. I set out on a journey, which we had then to make, and I appeared more than ever like those lamps which emit a glimmering flash, when they are just on the point of extinguishing. And, at all events, it will be always an honour to me, to be able to do anything which shall be for the pleasure of you and yours, on account of the obligation under which I lie to serve you. “Nicholas, have you come? Come here, dear!” called the old countess from the drawing room. They were Russians: Bagratión, Ermólov (who was beginning to come to the front), and others.

Under these circumstances it is not astonishing that many of the regiments broke at the first fire. Di tutte le arti maestro è amore—Love is master of all arts. But I see that I have somewhat strayed from my theme. The history of persecution is a history of endeavours to cheat Nature, to make water run uphill, to twist a rope of sand. “At such a moment!” Prince Andrew repeated.

“We must distinguish between the Vienna cabinet and the Emperor of Austria,” said Mortemart. Again, as he attempted to proceed, they burst forth louder than ever; and Robinson, furious, attempted to snatch the paper out of his hand which contained his notes. Since the year 1805 we had made peace and had again quarreled with Bonaparte and had made constitutions and unmade them again, but the salons of Anna Pávlovna and Hélène remained just as they had been—the one seven and the other five years before. Every one can master a grief but he that has it. Much Ado, iii. The queen herself addressed to the States a letter confirming these assurances, and despatched it by Mr.

It does not appear that Herodotus knew the language of the country, and he was, therefore, necessarily debarred from attaining as intimate a knowledge of the people as might otherwise have been possible. For it is inwardly that these things must be: that the Gods who look inwardly, and not upon the outward appearance, may behold a man truly free from all indignation and grief. A man of the legal profession being not long since brought to see a study furnished with all sorts of books, both of his own and all other faculties, took no occasion at all to entertain himself with any of them, but fell very rudely and magisterially to descant upon a barricade placed on the winding stair before the study door, a thing that a hundred captains and common soldiers see every day without taking any notice or offence. But what this program consists in these historians do not say, or if they do they continually contradict one another. She was so pleased by praise from this brilliant beauty that she blushed with pleasure.

Crea el cuervo, y sacarte ha los ojos—Breed up a crow and he will peck out your eyes. “I have taken an officer prisoner. “Are you afraid, then?” said Pierre. Earnest and sport go well together. Dan. Leipsic, 1901.—Goss, W.

In the age of the Scipios, the most opulent kings of the earth, who courted the protection of the victorious commonwealth, were gratified with such trifling presents as could only derive a value from the hand that bestowed them; an ivory chair, a coarse garment of purple, an inconsiderable piece of plate, or a quantity of copper coin. In ancient times the priests were recognized as a special social caste, and were distinguished not only by their sacerdotal vestments, but also by their piety, wisdom, and blameless life. Blessed is the man that endureth temptation. St.