Soon after I took command at Cairo, General Fremont entered into arrangements for the exchange of the prisoners captured at Camp Jackson in the month of May.

For who is it that should hinder thee from being either truly simple or good? Do thou only resolve rather not to live, than not to be such.

Peter, Agraféna Ivánovna Belóva, a country neighbor of the Rostóvs, came to Moscow to pay her devotions at the shrines of the Moscow saints. Suus cuique est mos—Every one has his own 15 way of it. In fact, the accidents growing out of the heavy rains and the sudden rise in the Tennessee River so mingled the troops that the organizations were not kept together, under their respective commanders, during the battle. “Well, I am like any other dog as long as it’s not a question of coursing. “Let us go to her, I must say good-by.

For his own part, he trusted entirely to himself to win the victory, believing that Heaven grants men success according to the valour and conduct which they display. Marshal Villeroi being sent to their aid, Catinat retired in disgust. Wenn Gott sagt: Heute, sagt der Teufel: Morgen—When God says “To-day,” the devil says “To-morrow.” Ger. Periculosum est credere et non credere; / Ergo exploranda est veritas, multam prius / Quam stulta prave judicet sententia—It is equally dangerous to believe and to disbelieve; therefore search diligently into the truth rather than suffer an erroneous impression to pervert your judgment. Clough, in his excellent Preface, says on this subject, "The fault which runs through all the earlier biographies, from that of Rualdus downwards, is the assumption, wholly untenable, that Plutarch passed many years, as many perhaps as forty, at Rome.

Besides these are the zones, and the lines of latitude and longitude, by which the latitude and longitude of towns and the situation of places are ascertained. The fact that no ingenuity of modern research has been able to construct a real budget of expenditure and receipt for any part of the long centuries of the Empire is significant as to the secrecy that surrounded the finances, especially in the later period. Seneca says, “if any one lends money to my country, I am not to be considered as his debtor, nor to take the debt upon myself, though I am bound to pay my due proportion of it.” There was a special provision made in the Roman law, that one peasant should not be bound for the debts of another, and it is laid down as a rule,308 that the goods of one person shall not be distrained for the debts of another, even if they be public debts; and in Justinian’s Novels, pledges for others are forbidden, and the cause assigned for it is, because it is unreasonable that one person should incur the debt, and another be bound to the payment of it, an exaction to which the name of ODIOUS is given. It should appeare by Froissard, that he was first of all, in the beginning of these stirs betwixt the king and the lords, committed to the tower, and not­with­stand­ing all the shift that either the king, or the duke of Ireland, or anie other of his fréends could make for him, by the duke of Glocesters commandement he was cruellie beheaded, so greatlie to |796| the offense of the king, and those that were his trustie councellors, that therevpon the king caused the duke of Ireland the sooner to assemble an armie against the said duke and his complices, therby to restraine their presumptuous proceedings. Soon after the Emperor’s return Prince Vasíli in a conversation about the war at Anna Pávlovna’s severely condemned Barclay de Tolly, but was undecided as to who ought to be appointed commander in chief.

This was left on the north side temporarily to guard the large wagon train. This bridge is intrusted to the care of the priests, like any other immovable holy relic; for the Romans think that the removal of the wooden bridge would call down the wrath of Heaven. Ein Augenblick, gelebt im Paradiese, / Wird nicht zu theuer mit dem Tod gebüsst—A moment lived in paradise is not purchased too dearly at the ransom of death. The Oriental ideas and religious worship which prevailed throughout the West up to the time of the Roman Empire, likewise bear the name of Oriental Philosophy. To give one penny or one shilling is said to be nothing, but with all its insignificance the purse becomes emptied, which is a very qualitative difference.

c C. When he left there he even gave the mayor five hundred head of cattle to be distributed among the citizens, to tide them over until some arrangement could be made for their future supplies. The father was afterwards invested with the government of Lucania, 83 and Aurelian, who soon admitted the abdicated monarch to his friendship and conversation, familiarly asked him, Whether it were not more desirable to administer a province of Italy, than to reign beyond the Alps. The Lagides respected the religions and customs of Egypt, which became the most important of the Greek kingdoms, while still preserving her original civilisation. “So you’ve found your folk?” said one of them.

“I have come from the staff, Count. Es liesse sich Alles trefflich schlichten, Könnte man die Sachen zweimal verrichten—Everything could be beautifully adjusted if matters could be a second time arranged.


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