The ancient Menander declared him to be happy that had had the good fortune to meet with but the shadow of a friend: and doubtless he had good reason to say so, especially if he spoke by experience: for in good earnest, if I compare all the rest of my life, though, thanks be to God, I have passed my time pleasantly enough, and at my ease, and the loss of such a friend excepted, free from any grievous affliction, and in great tranquillity of mind, having been contented with my natural and original commodities, without being solicitous after others; if I should compare it all, I say, with the four years I had the happiness to enjoy the sweet society of this excellent man, ‘tis nothing but smoke, an obscure and tedious night.

Zwei sind der Wege, auf welchen der Mensch zur Tugend emporstrebt, / Schliesst sich der eine dir zu, thut sich der andre dir auf, / Handelnd erreicht der Glückliche sie, der Leidende duldend; / Wohl ihm, den sein Geschick liebend auf beiden geführt—There are two roads on which man strives to virtue; one closes against thee, the other opens to thee; the favoured man wins his way by acting, the unfortunate by endurance; happy he whom his destiny guides him lovingly on both.

Finance is essentially a part of public law and administration. Besides it was pleasant, after his reception by the Austrians, to speak if not in Russian (for they were speaking French) at least with a Russian who would, he supposed, share the general Russian antipathy to the Austrians which was then particularly strong. Um Gut’s zu thun, braucht’s keiner Ueberlegung; / Der Zweifel ist’s, der Gutes böse macht, / Bedenke nicht! gewähre wie du’s fühlst—To do good needs no consideration; it is doubt that makes good evil. At Rome, commerce was always held in contempt: but the senators, from the first age of the republic, increased their patrimony, and multiplied their clients, by the lucrative practice of usury; and the obsolete laws were eluded, or violated, by the mutual inclinations and interest of both parties. When the Lady Belgé had rendered the prince her thanks, which he received with due modesty—“’Tis not the strength nor courage of the doer,” said he, “but the justice of his deed that should be looked to”—she said: “O noble sir, you have freed me from my chief foe; nevertheless there remains yet something to be done.

“As an advocate in the forum, I hold him to be without an equal in ancient or modern times.” This is the judgment of the author of “The Lives of the Lord Chancellors,” in regard to Thomas, Lord Erskine. Castor gaudet equis, ovo prognatus eodem / Pugnis—Castor delights in horses; he that sprung from the same egg, in boxing. The committee accepted the offer, which was immediately followed by one from the apprentices. The highest yield of raisins in San Bernardino has been 290,000 boxes in 1888. The same remark will apply also in the case of General Canby.

There are, however, many places in our State which will grow Muscatel grapes of good quality, but with too thick skins to make them proper for sun-dried raisins. At one time the count thought of giving her the Ryazán estate or of selling a forest, at another time of borrowing money on a note of hand. “‘Then came the episode which first gave the name of Speke to the world—the expedition in the country of the Somali, on the coast of the Red Sea, when the cords of the tent of Burton, Speke, Herne, and the hapless Stroyan were cut by a band of a hundred and fifty armed Somali during the night, after the desertion of their Eastern followers. On the one hand, a desire of pleasing Thee, O my God, a fear of offending, and a continual tendency of all my powers to Thee—on the other side, the view of all my inward corruptions, the depravity of my heart, and the continual stirring and rising of self. He nodded approval.

There were wagons also loaded with light poles, about the size and length of a wall tent pole, supplied with an iron spike in one end, used to hold the wires up when laid, so that wagons and artillery would not run over them. Ein Wort nimmt sich, ein Leben nie zurück—A word may be recalled, a life never. But why should her father have been ignored in these family arrangements? Perhaps it may almost suffice to say, that of all living men her father was the man best conversant with the antiquities of the county in which he lived. From all sides… This was afterwards set aside, and the Codex Maximilianus adopted as a basis.

This resignation of the supreme power once in his hands, has been described by historians as a gross piece of hypocrisy, used to avoid the odium of seizing for himself the power of the Parliament, which he had forcibly dissolved. But I am equally persuaded, that in many it was not the sole, that in some it was not the leading, principle of action. He had run off with his wife’s sister, a daughter of the Earl of Berkeley, and was a poor and desperate adventurer, notoriously cowardly on the field of battle. The example of the opposition at Westminster diffused a general spirit throughout the kingdom, and violent contests were excited in all quarters. Licinius passed through that city, and breaking down the bridge on the Save, hastened to collect a new army in Dacia and Thrace.

They, manifestly with intention, held Saïs as residence, although Memphis was honoured as the oldest capital, and structures were built on the ruins of ancient Thebes. No sooner, therefore, had they granted Charles the liberal sum of one million two hundred thousand pounds, to be collected by eighteen monthly assessments, than the Commons fell on this Proclamation of Indulgence. “Undress him! What are you waiting for?” he cried angrily to the dressers. Bright stars shone out here and there in the sky. “You are not taking me unawares, you know,” said he.

Before Pericles appeared in Greece, the desire for culture through thought and through reflection was awakened; men wished to be cultured in their ideas, and in their various relations to guide themselves by thought, and no longer merely through oracles,[356] or through custom, passion, the feelings of the moment. I told you at the time that I loved you, and I{294} told you so truly. On the French side, amid the groups with cannon, a cloud of smoke appeared, then a second and a third almost simultaneously, and at the moment when the first report was heard a fourth was seen.


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