The countess was sitting up in bed and speaking softly.

32 A Child was subsequently successful in getting returned for Middlesex.

They expected to hear of the capture of Chios, and of the whole Ionian coast, and were vexed at not at once receiving the news of a complete success. Promettre c’est donner, espérer c’est jouir—Promising 60 is giving, and hoping is fruition. “And I did not know… And so it is with the purpose of historic characters and nations. Men should be what they seem; / Or those that be not, would they might seem none. Othello, iii.

During this interval, the dispersed Karduchians had rallied, and reoccupied two or three high peaks, commanding the road,–from whence it was necessary to drive them. They added some new collects, in one of which they styled the lecherous monarch “our most religious king.” They made the 30th of January a holiday for ever, in memory of “King Charles the martyr;” and voted the king a subsidy of one million two hundred thousand pounds, and a hearth tax for ever. 1581 To illustrate the obscure monuments of the life and death of each individual, would prove a laborious task, alike barren of instruction and of amusement. Chi compra terra, compra guerra—Who buys land, buys war. The eleven impeached members fled, and were allowed to escape into France, whereupon they were voted guilty of high treason, as well as the Lord Mayor and four aldermen of London, two officers of the train-band, and the Earls of Suffolk, Lincoln, and Middleton, the Lords Willoughby, Hunsdon, Berkeley, and Maynard.

Wisdom and Fortune combating together, / If that the former dare but what he can, / No chance may shake it. Ant. Warren was not aware of his presence, but probably supposed it was the cavalry which Merritt had engaged earlier in the day.