The elegance of dress, of motion, and of manners, gives a lustre to beauty, and inflames the senses through the imagination.

The queen, however, being determined by the Marlborough influence to declare war, laid her intentions before Parliament, which supported her, and accordingly war was proclaimed on the 4th of May, the Emperor and the States-General issuing their proclamations at the same time.

They are outrées in their dress, and the neglect of these things is a bad sign in Paris. Let him wait at Bellaggio for more money, and when he returned home, let him buy Mrs. Greene more jewels. La diffidenza è la madre della sicurtà—Diffidence (caution) is the mother of safety. contemplation, whereby thou mayest clearly discern and represent unto thyself, the mutual change of all things, the one into the other. The leaders, these historians tell us, express the will of the people: the activity of the leaders represents the activity of the people.

Je n’ai point d’ennemis que ceux de l’état—I have no enemies whatever but those of the state. Spain, by a very singular fatality, was the Peru and Mexico of the old world. Au chef du gouvernement français,” said Dolgorúkov, with grave satisfaction. They supposed that there was, in the centre of the earth, a vast, gloomy, and impenetrably dark cavity called Orcus, which formed a place of eternal rest for the dead. Der Pfaff liebt seine Herde, doch die Lämmlein mehr als die Widder—The priest loves his flock, but the lambs more than the rams.

I was a stranger to most of the Army of the Potomac, I might say to all except the officers of the regular army who had served in the Mexican war. McClernand spoke first; and Logan followed in a speech which he has hardly equalled since for force and eloquence. It concluded by saying, “that the experience of all ages made it manifest that no nation can be great or happy without union. General Burnside directs me to say that immediately upon the receipt of the order of the general commanding, which was after twelve o’clock, he ordered his corps to be in readiness to march, and instead of having Captain Duane [Footnote: Captain Duane was senior engineer officer in the field, on the staff of McClellan, and had conducted the reconnoitring of the Antietam.] post the divisions in detail, and at the suggestion of Captain Duane, he sent three aides to ascertain the position of each of the three divisions, that they might post them. A rumor immediately spread in Petersburg, not that Hélène wanted to be divorced from her husband (had such a report spread many would have opposed so illegal an intention) but simply that the unfortunate and interesting Hélène was in doubt which of the two men she should marry.

Quelqu’éclatante que soit une action, elle ne doit passer pour grande lorsqu’elle n’est pas l’effet d’un grand dessein—An action should not be regarded as great, however brilliant it may be, if it is not the offspring of a great design. No visor does become black villany / So well as soft and tender flattery. Pericles, iv.


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