The London Evening Post gives a list of these 108 healths, beginning with “The King;” but, as an implication of Jacobite proclivities, it is added in another paper that the royal health was honoured in the recognized Jacobite fashion—to “Charley over the Water:”—”Each man having a glass of water on the left hand, and waving the glass of wine over the water,”—but this accusation was probably a bold electioneering ruse.

There is nothing evil but what is within us; the rest is either natural or accidental. Sir P.

Proffered service stinks, i.e., is not appreciated. Marcius, again, is to be blamed for having made the whole of Rome suffer for what only a part of it had done, while the best and most important class of citizens had been wronged equally with himself, and warmly sympathised with him. So men, having tried and sounded all things, and having found in that mass of knowledge, and provision of so many various things, nothing solid and firm, and nothing but vanity, have quitted their presumption, and acknowledged their natural condition. Beaux esprits—Men of wit. The execution of so many innocent citizens was bewailed by the secret tears of their friends and families.

Nicholas and his attendant, with “Uncle” and his huntsman, were all riding round the wolf, crying “ulyulyu!” shouting and preparing to dismount each moment that the wolf crouched back, and starting forward again every time she shook herself and moved toward the wood where she would be safe. In part, the Pythagoreans[212] from the very first gave forth universal ideal determinations of numbers as principles, and recognized, as Aristotle remarks (Metaph. He was perhaps the earliest of modern explorers in the upland of West Africa, and a pioneer of the European slave- and gold-trade of Guinea. Let who will be Pomponius Flaccus, and there are enough who would: for my part, both my word and my faith are, like all the rest, parts of this common body: their best effect is the public service; this I take for presupposed. My purse did not permit me to own expensive horses.

The arts that promise to keep our bodies and souls in health promise a great deal; but, withal, there are none that less keep their promise. increase over the rates paid upon wools and leather by English-born merchants. In May 1749, he was chosen chairman of quarter sessions for Westminster; and in June he delivered himself of a weighty charge to the grand jury. For my action to be free it was necessary that it should encounter no obstacles. Menschlich ist es bloss zu strafen, / Aber 55 göttlich zu verzeihn—To punish is merely human, but to forgive is divine.

[470] Xen. When the Dutch fleet was riding in the Thames, the enraged people turned all their fury on him. Die Unsterblichkeit ist nicht jedermann’s Sache—Immortality is not every man’s business or concern. Dum deliberamus quando incipiendum incipere jam serum est—While we are deliberating to begin, the time to begin is past. I have given him a great deal of made-way; for all that he could have, in many years, acquired by close familiarity, he has seen in three days in this memorial, and more surely and exactly.

That I lived under the government of my lord and father, who would take away from me all pride and vainglory, and reduce me to that conceit and opinion that it was not impossible for a prince to live in the court without a troop of guards and followers, extraordinary apparel, such and such torches and statues, and other like particulars of state and magnificence; but that a man may reduce and contract himself almost to the state of a private man, and yet for all that not to become the more base and remiss in those public matters and affairs, wherein power and authority is requisite. During the reign of James commercial enterprise showed itself in the exertions of various chartered companies trading to distant parts of the world. With the plunder he took he filled seven vessels, and sent them to Constantinople. There are two ways in which the possessions of the crown may become the patrimony of the king, either as separable or inseparable parts of the kingdom. He felt that he had grown up and matured very much.

The temples were storehouses and banking establishments; the priests were lawyers and scribes. I was first drawn to two naval chaplains, Fathers Chidwick and Rainey, by finding that each of them had bought half a dozen sets of boxing-gloves and encouraged their crews in boxing. Humanity would dictate that some provision should be made to provide against such hardships. Learning is but an adjunct to ourself; / And, where we are, our learning likewise is. Love’s L. Botta, not discouraged by the want of success which had attended his first essay, continued his excavations in the mound of Kuyunjik: and to him is due the honour of having found the first Assyrian monument.

“The mouth of the river was like a mighty wall of ships and vessels of every kind, filled from prow to poop with brave armed men. Hilft Gott uns nicht, kein Kaiser kann uns 35 helfen—God helps us not; no emperor can. “The wife!” said the old prince, briefly and significantly. in the morning, to communicate with Smith and to return with him.


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