The sages tell us that, as to what concerns knowledge, ‘tis nothing but philosophy; and as to what concerns effects, nothing but virtue, which is generally proper to all degrees and to all orders.

It is one of the most valuable and at the same time most expensive aromatic substances employed in perfumery.

for Meas., iii. The succession of Illyrian princes restored the empire without restoring the sciences. The strength of Aurelian had crushed on every side the enemies of Rome. 67 Many will be of opinion, that Atticus literally obeyed the emperor’s last instructions; since he expended the greatest part of his fortune, which was much increased by an advantageous marriage, in the service of the public. The most audacious among them did not fear at times to attack the gods of light; on one occasion, in the infancy of the world, they had sought to dispossess them and reign in their stead.

The Mosaic account of the creation and fall of man was treated with profane derision by the Gnostics, who would not listen with patience to the repose of the Deity after six days’ labor, to the rib of Adam, the garden of Eden, the trees of life and of knowledge, the speaking serpent, the forbidden fruit, and the condemnation pronounced against human kind for the venial offence of their first progenitors. It is not merely the superior courage and military discipline of the Greeks which Cyrus attests, compared with the cowardice of Asiatics,–but also their fidelity and sense of obligation which he contrasts with the time-serving treachery of the latter;[75] connecting[p. At supper time we met as on former occasions, when Satyrus, who acted as cupbearer, hit upon the following amorous device. He was distinguished from Jupiter by the basket, or bushel, which was placed on his head; and by the emblematic monster which he held in his right hand; the head and body of a serpent branching into three tails, which were again terminated by the triple heads of a dog, a lion, and a wolf. 701 Coalition against Sennacherib of Syrian princes and Tirhaqa of Egypt.

He loved the active life of out-of-doors, and he indulged a vigorous spirit of participation in the life around him.


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