The women, children, and cattle were led away by the conquerors; and that it was frequently the custom of the Assyrians to remove the whole population of the conquered country to some distant part of their dominions, and to replace it by colonies of their own, we learn from the treatment of the people of Samaria.

Métivier, shrugging his shoulders, went up to Mademoiselle Bourienne who at the sound of shouting had run in from an adjoining room.

But when any thing may become due to us, either from a penalty or the non-performance of an engagement, in both cases a right to an enemy’s goods, if they can be taken, is acquired. The twitching increased, the handsome mouth was drawn to one side (only now did Pierre realize how near death his father was), and from that distorted mouth issued an indistinct, hoarse sound. The reading ????? is preferred by Schneider to ?????????, which has been the vulgar reading, and is still retained by Krüger. Kill, and thou shalt be killed, and they shall kill him who kills thee. Sp. Heu nihil invitis fas quenquam fidere divis—Alas! it is not permitted to any one to feel confident when the gods are adverse.

Candida pax homines, trux decet ira feras—Wide-robed peace becomes men, ferocious anger only wild beasts. All that he had been specially put in charge of, the state property which he should have removed, was still in Moscow and it was no longer possible to take the whole of it away. John Townshend, and James Mansfield, both members of the coalition ministry, the former as lord of the admiralty, the latter as solicitor-general. The Egyptian engineer who long ago hollowed out the secret chamber had made his arrangements in the most ingenious fashion. He pressed her hand and released it, and she went back to the candle and sat down again in her former position.

A mucho hablar, mucho errar—Talk much, err much. The archers, whether fighting on foot or in chariots, were accompanied by shield bearers, whose office it was to protect them from the shafts of the enemy. When Laphystius was insisting on his giving bail for some lawsuit, he would not permit the people to hoot at him or stop him; for he said that all his labours and dangers had been endured to obtain for every Syracusan the right of appealing to the laws. In the beginning of the world God gave authority to Adam, who had complete control over his descendants, even as to life and death. The earl was suddenly roused by the people from the hills, whose dwellings were in flames behind them, and only effected his escape by pushing across Loch Fyne in an open boat.

E’ va più d’un asino al mercato—There is more than one ass goes to the market. It is true that in Botany, Mineralogy, and so on, much is dependent on what was previously known, but by far the greatest part remains stationary and by means of fresh matter is merely added to without itself being affected by the addition. Their four days of march, next on the other side of the Euphrates, were toilsome and distressing in the extreme; through a plain covered with deep snow (in some places six feet deep), and at times in the face of a north wind so intolerably chilling and piercing, that at length one of the prophets urged the necessity of offering sacrifices to Boreas; upon which (says Xenophon[179]) the severity of the wind abated conspicuously, to the evident consciousness of all. Die Frauen tragen ihre Beweise im Herzen, 15 die Männer im Kopfe—Women carry their logic in their hearts; men, in their heads. they did, to look up unto the heavens, to put themselves in mind of them who constantly and invariably did perform their task: as also to put themselves in mind of orderliness, or good order, and of purity, and of naked simplicity.

Nulli te facias nimis sodalem, / Gaudebis 20 minus et minus dolebis—Be on too intimate terms with no one; if your joy be less, so will your grief.


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