Theories have been propounded, to be sure.

Sometimes discontent spread beyond the confines of the palace, the army became divided into two hostile camps, the citizens took the side of one or other of the aspirants, and civil war raged for several years till some decisive action brought it to a close.

But at Rome the people were unwilling to fight, and the consuls were just at the expiry of their term of office, so that they did not care to run any risks, and therefore rejected the appeals of the Latins. These glorious achievements were carefully recorded in the public acts of the empire; and that he might omit no circumstance of infamy, he received from the common fund of gladiators a stipend so exorbitant that it became a new and most ignominious tax upon the Roman people. The effect of these altered relations upon Egypt is easy to see. Do you, therefore, exercise this mind of yours in the best pursuits. Le bruit est pour le fat, la plainte est pour le sot, / L’honnête homme trompé s’éloigne et ne dit mot—Blustering is for the fop, whimpering for the fool; the sensible man when deceived goes off and says nothing.

Is it, perhaps, as Plato says, that they have formerly been debauched young fellows? I happened one day to be in a place where I could hear some of their talk without suspicion; I am sorry I cannot repeat it. This is the history which Berosus has transmitted to us. Do but come in when they are about their lesson, and you shall hear nothing but the outcries of boys under execution, with the thundering noise of their pedagogues drunk with fury.


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