Therefore I felt convinced, after full experience, that as regards very large classes of public servants by far the best way to choose the men for appointment was by means of written competitive examination.

M. Because, if to die were miserable to the dead, to live would be a kind of infinite and eternal misery.

The request was [129]complied with in so literal a sense, that the now wretched Midas bitterly repented his folly and cupidity, for, when the pangs of hunger assailed him, and he essayed to appease his cravings, the food became gold ere he could swallow it; as he raised the cup of wine to his parched lips, the sparkling draught was changed into the metal he had so coveted, and when at length, wearied and faint, he stretched his aching frame on his hitherto luxurious couch, this also was transformed into the substance which had now become the curse of his existence. I was always superstitiously afraid of giving offence, and have ever had a great respect for her I loved: besides, he who in this traffic takes away the reverence, defaces at the same time the lustre. The shapeless, sacred stone, the mere place, or whatever it is to which the desire for objectivity first attaches itself, receives from art, form, feature, determinate character and content which can be known and which is now present for consciousness. Their appearance was both grotesque and repulsive; they had flat broad noses, pointed ears, and little horns sprouting from their foreheads, a rough shaggy skin, and small goat’s tails. “What an idea! I’m ready for it tomorrow! Only let me tell you, I want to know my son-in-law better.

Nimium altercando veritas amittitur—In too eager disputation the truth is lost sight of. Whether General Scott approved of the Mexican war and the manner in which it was brought about, I have no means of knowing. Du choc des esprits jaillissent les étincelles—When great spirits clash, sparks fly about. Natásha was evidently dismayed at the thought of what he might think she had meant.