This measure bore very hardly upon the soldiers, poor hard-working men, who were now compelled to repay so large a proportion of what they had earned and spent.

The rhetorical structure shows none of the artificial balances and climaxes so common at the time; there is neither ghost, chorus, dumb show nor messenger; there is no high aspiring figure, no madness, no revenge; and the bloodshed is decent.

2 The troops, as if satiated with the exercise of power, again conjured the senate to invest one of its own body with the Imperial purple. The officering of these new troops was a difficult and delicate task, and so far as company officers were concerned, there seemed no better way at the beginning than to let the enlisted men elect their own, as was in fact done. A hundred thousand soldiers were in rapid march on Mons, one of the most important fortresses of the Spanish Netherlands. He hastily took his seat and told the coachman to drive him to his country house in Sokólniki. Clodius Albinus, governor of Britain, surpassed both his competitors in the nobility of his extraction, which he derived from some of the most illustrious names of the old republic.

305 There is again a hiatus. When you have bought one fine thing, you must buy ten more to be all of a piece. Ben. [Footnote: Id., p.518.] Will you neglect the chance?” Rosecrans replied: “You do not appear to observe the fact that this noble army has driven the rebels from middle Tennessee, of which my dispatches advised you.


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