though he should run them both through at once.

They also demanded the removal from the ministry of all persons Popishly affected, and of those who advised the alliance with France and the rupture with Holland, and the placing a foreigner at the head of the army.

Three of them—Anderson, Stone and Buckner—wrote accounts of their journey, which were published at the time. The making out of provision returns was stopped for the time. Facile omnes cum valemus recta consilia / Ægrotis damus—We can all, when we are well, easily give good advice to the sick. The Stadtholder, William II., had married the Princess Royal of England, the daughter of Charles I., and sister of Charles II. THE WHITE HOUSE, WASHINGTON, April 22, 1907.

The facts clearly show that Napoleon did not foresee the danger of the advance on Moscow, nor did Alexander and the Russian commanders then think of luring Napoleon on, but quite the contrary. We see nothing behind us; we mock ourselves an hundred times a day; when we deride our neighbours; and we detest in others the defects which are more manifest in us, and which we admire with marvellous inadvertency and impudence. The conflict of the old, the existent, and the persistent, with development, improvement, and transfigurment is always the same. He wanted to pinch him, push him, do anything but kiss him—a thing everybody did.


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